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    03 June 2008

    The Riggans :: Family

    Jodi and I had our work cut out for us the other Saturday, when we had a multi-family session on the Riggan's farm.  46 people, in all, and despite the brutal wind, it went pretty well!  We also broke into individual family groups for some photos.  


    The other night, for the first time in....well, a long time, I actually watched part of a hockey game.  Let me preface that with the fact that almost ANY championship is worth watching in some respects.  During the regular season... yeah, pretty sure I'm not going to watch hockey.  But Detroit was playing for the championship and Pittsburg is playing to stay alive, so it was a pretty intense game, especially when Pittsburg scored with 34 seconds left in regulation to send it to the first of 3 overtime periods. I honestly couldn't care less who wins, but anyway... it was actually kind of fun to watch hockey.  *did I just use the words "fun" and "watch hockey" in the same sentence!??*

    If you are a husband and wife doing photography together, you need to check out the One Conference hosted by our friends Jeff and Julia Woods.  There will be some big name photographers talking about how to make business and marriage balance when you work with your spouse.  It should be an awesome 3 days! 

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    Anonymous hannah said...

    there is excellance is all that you do. It shows! :)

    12:11 PM  

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