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    24 December 2006


    I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas experience this year, and that Jesus is very real to you and your family. So often, we wrap our lives around our jobs, or our schooling, or our relationships and we completely overlook the only thing that can bring us stability and hope in our lives. It's not money, it's not a degree or initials behind your name, and it's not in success. It's living a life that is beyond ourselves. Maybe that means giving more than $5 in the offering plate, or putting more in the kettle than your spare nickels this Christmas. Maybe you should walk up to the Walmart and dump out the money that you would have spent on yourself into the red kettle, turn around, and go home without that new shirt that you really don't need anyway. Or maybe it's taking a meal to a less fortunate family, or actually try to get along with your in-laws this year. Or maybe it's just sitting down alone and spending time with God for a change. Silence.

    Whatever it takes, live 2007 for something greater. Someone Greater.

    Merry Christmas!

    08 December 2006


    This is the wedding we've taken the most pictures of, to date. 1400+!! So it's taken a long time to sort through all of them. Brad and Amanda were so awesome to work with, they were willing to let us pose them with a sick green couch we found in the High School parking lot across the street from the church. It only had a few legs on it, and looked pretty bad, but that's what great pictures are made of right??!! Props to our great friend and photographer Linda Drish for helping out on this one. Check out her work at

    I was in charge of the video for this wedding as well, something that we don't do very often, so Jodi asked Linda to help, and she was amazing.

    Here's a few.....

    05 December 2006


    Not much has changed since I wrote last. I did find out that some of my files were destroyed in the hard drive crash, but for the most part, everything that was of at least some value was preserved. Thank you God!!

    Just dropping by to post a Designed Senior Album which was a new product this year. They were all different, and were probably some of the most enjoyable designing I did this year. So here's the link:


    03 December 2006


    I'm sure most of you are as tired of being asked that question as we are. We have two more weeks before we leave for an out-of-state wedding and some Christmas R & R, so the next two weeks have been reserved for packaging and shipping orders, but there's still some last minute stuff that makes us wonder if we'll ever see natural sunlight again.

    One of the more noticable accomplisments for us this year is that we are already approaching our limit for next year's weddings! We only have room for about 3 more weddings in 2007, so if you're considering us, get your name in soon!

    We had an external hard drive go out this week, if you didn't read the last post, and we were praising the Lord for working and allowing us to recover everything that we needed. You kind of take technology for granted until it doesn't do what it's supposed to.

    I can't promise any more pictures on here before January, but we'll try to keep up to speed next year.

    Till next time.

    The Case of the Crashed External Hard Drive

    It was a blustery, wintery day and the warmth of the sun was not nearly strong enough to combat the winds that seemed to pierce the skin. The client was entrenched deep in his work. Having captured a sacred occasion onto digital media through the lens of a camera, he was now engaged in the art of image manipulation. The client's assistant was responsible for the music that day, and satisfied his obligation by lugging 100's of discs into the office upon his arrival that morning. Both client and employee were grateful that their vocation did not require them to stay outdoors.

    Noon came unannounced. Various musical artists who graced the office with their digital presence that morning (P.O.D., Thousand Foot krutch, The Mars Volta, All Star United, and Skillet) were now silent. The joyful atmosphere that was adament that morning was replaced by doom and feelings of despair. Tensions mounted. There was a thickness in the air that demanded silence. Upon reviewing the evidence, it appeared that the compact disc in the tray entitled "Silage" was not at fault, but it was happenstance that the accident occured at the exact time of insertion. The client inserted the disc and at precisely the same moment as he located and pressed the "import" button on his iTunes interface, the melodies ceased and Fear began to bully it's way to the front of his emotions. Of the three external hard drives that reside on the client's workstation, the middle one, a 150 GB storage unit containing more than 5 days worth of music, and more than 50 designs and client folders, had faltered and appeared to have failed. Panic was right behind Fear. But, with the calm assurance that previous experience had taught him, the client resolved to push back the approaching emotions and attempt the restoration programs he had installed on his machine in the event of a malfunction.

    The first attempt proved unsuccessful. As did the second, third and fourth.

    An $80 program was downloaded in a futile effort to restore what was lost.

    Then came the electronic conversation with the help department, in which advice was given as the situation was voiced.

    The new program aptly named "DiskWarrior" became available for installation, and was immediately researched and understood.

    There was morning and there was evening. The first day. Sleep came surprisingly easy.

    There was morning the following day. All bets were off as the DiskWarrior interface was loaded and initiated somewhere around noon, with the assumption that all was lost. I cannot describe the feelings of the following 12.5 hours as DW grinded and whirred and moaned it's way to the completion of the repair. At very least, the files which remained intact could be salvaged. There was little time for worry. Much work needed to be completed and the day went on. Music once again filled the room, this time being aquired from the client's iPod. At approximately 1:35am last evening, the DiskWarrior (aided by much prayer and Holy Spirit intervention) repaired the damaged disc and salvaged the 100GB of music, pictures, advertising, designs and client files that were previously unreachable.

    There was much rejoicing in the office, and the client walked to his room, and climbed into bed with his sleeping wife.

    Case closed, copied and reformatted.