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    29 December 2007

    The Year in Review

    2007 was a breakout year for Gehman Photography.  The year was filled with highlights and lowlights, accomplishments and growing pains.  At the close of another year, we take a moment to look back and remember the good stuff, and learn from the not-so-good.  

    -- The GP blog receives its first comment.  There is much rejoicing!  There is someone reading the blog! 

    -- We won our very first First Place award at our Iowa Convention.  
    --Jodi and I hosted our first Photoshop Class, teaching the basics of retouching and enhancements.  We would seriously consider teaching another class if there is enough interest.  Email me if you are interested.  I would teach PS CS3 and the class would be open to non-local photographers only.

    -- We had the opportunity to travel to Ghana, Africa.  We want to go back someday... it will always be in our hearts and minds.  There are some memories and faces that are etched in our mind forever, and hopefully our lives are different because of them.

    -- We had the pleasure of going to Kansas for a wedding and staying at a friends ranch.   It's cool how each part of the country has it's own beauty, even though there are vast differences.
    --Our main computer hard drive crashes.  All our images are backed up, so nothing is lost!  One of the first of many opportunities to praise God in hardships this year.  It just goes to show that even the best computers are not perfect, and if you are a photog reading this.... there is nothing so urgent as to keep you from backing up your images. 

    -- Jodi gets stung in the eye by a bee or something during outdoor wedding pictures.

    -- In the weather category, Patrick and Erika take the prize for the hottest wedding of the year.
    --  GP launches it's brand new website!  Thank you BluDomain!
    --  I traveled to Denver, CO, with my church youth group for a week of working with the homeless.  Another event in my life that will not soon be forgotten.  I'll never forget Curt, who told me that he is homeless but he takes the money from his part-time job and buys food for other homeless people.  
    --  Both Jodi and I were honored to be in my brother's wedding in July.  We got to experience a photographer from the other side of the lens. :)  Actually, it was fun to be part of the wedding experience without having to work!
    --Jodi and I were driving separate to a wedding one Saturday, and on my way there, my car's engine decided to overheat.  Well, I was going past my friends automotive shop, so I swung by for some coolant.  He informed me that if I moved my car off the spot, I would not make it more than a few miles due to a serious leak.  He had a loaner car ready to go and I made the wedding on time. :) 

    -- High School Senior season started for GP, breaking ground for my favorite blog feature called "A Bit About Me" where seniors told you about themselves.  
    --Nicole becomes our nanny and Jodi and I begin our slow journey towards catching up.

    -- In an effort to play to our strengths, GP adds a Family and Children's photographer, Hannah, and a media manager, Brandon.
    -- Our main computer does not respond one morning.  We take it in for repairs and are informed that $15oo should cover what they thought was wrong.  After further review, they discovered that nothing, in fact, was wrong with the computer and it responded fine to every test they ran.  We leave the computer store with a bill for $60, thank the dear Lord.

    -- We traveled to Chicago for a wedding, and Jodi tries her first Starbucks.
    -- We discover that the Wii is a great form of exercise.

    -- We shoot our last wedding for the year bringing the total to 29.
    -- We book our first destination wedding for next year!  Mexico, here we come!
    -- GP answers all of your questions in "A Bit About Us".

    -- We enhance our business skills at the SuccessWare meetings in VA.
    --  I had a photograph place 4th in a contest with the ultra-famous Jesh de Rox.  Thank you all for voting!  Now you know which one was mine. :)  Sorry.. I wanted to be fair.

    -- Winter sets in.
    --  Jodi's brother is married!
    --  GP gives away an iPodtouch
    -- Jodi and I start our weight training routine.
    -- I figure out that to make a diamond like this "◊" you hold the shift+alt+v combination, and that to make the Apple logo , you hold shift+alt+k.

    Obviously, there is much more than we could ever put on this website that we experienced this year, like when our 3 yr old learned to ride a bike without training wheels, or when our dog mysteriously disappeared, or how I had geese and squirrels looking in my office window, or all of the special people that we were able to meet this year.  We look forward to making some changes in 2008, and seeing new cities, new countries, and new faces.

    God bless in the New Year!

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    28 December 2007

    New Year's Resolution

    I spent 2 of the last 4 days "mowing" my driveway with the snowblower, and I love it.  I totally enjoy snow, and getting out and clearing the driveway is fun stuff.  We got about 6 more inches overnight and this morning.  I helped a big 4-wheel drive truck after it became stuck in the ditch beside our house, as well.  What was he thinking, I have no idea, but some of these guys think their trucks are invincible.  :)  


    Anyway, yesterday Jodi and I started our New Years Resolution early.  We joined the gym and started working out!  I lived in the office too much this summer, and didn't get out much. Okay, the story is that Jodi wanted to get in shape and said she'd only do it if I would go with her.  Playing basketball this winter I realized I could probably afford to get in shape as well. :)  So there you have it.  Go us!


    I am totally thrilled about how my photo is doing in the contest mentioned below.  You all have gone and made my day!  I still need some votes to place, but I'm excited about how well it's done regardless.


    Be watching the blog in the next couple of days for the "Year in Review" look back at 2007 from Jodi and I.  


    24 December 2007

    The Watts Family

    A family photo session breaks out into a full-scale snowball fight, complete with human shields!  We were able to work with the Watts family a few years ago in senior pictures, and it was nice to see them again. They are a wonderful family!  Their son is headed off overseas to serve in the military, so keep the Watts family in your prayers, as well as all of our service men and women who couldn't be home with their families this Christmas.   We thank you all for your sacrifice.

    Random News

    ◊   Happy Christmas Eve!  We are sore and tired from sledding and Wii Sports the last few days.  My family came from Pennsylvania this year, and it's always wonderful to have them around.  Before they came, we pushed hard to get all the Christmas orders finished and wedding albums wrapped up for 2007.  It was hard, and we spent many nights up past 1am getting things together.  But I think we accomplished 95% of our goals, and that is perfect. :) 

    ◊  We'll kick off the New Year with Shema and Chris's wedding on Jan. 5!  

    ◊  The office will be closed tomorrow, Christmas day, and Wednesday the 26th.   

    ◊  Here's a great clip from a Newsweek article:  'In one of history's more absurd acts of totalitarianism, China has banned Buddhist monks in Tibet from reincarnating without government permission. According to a statement issued by the State Administration for Religious Affairs, the law, which goes into effect next month and strictly stipulates the procedures by which one is to reincarnate, is "an important move to institutionalize management of reincarnation."'

    ◊  You have until Friday night to vote in the contest mentioned below.  

    ◊ I pray for each one of you that your Christmas is a very meaningful time of celebrating the birth of Christ and spending time with family and friends! 

    Happy Christmas everyone!!


    22 December 2007


    Okay, this was too exciting to not pass along.  I entered a contest a few days ago on a very famous photographers blog, and I am pleased to announce that I was nominated into the top ten!!!  However, this is a "people's choice" contest from here on out, so you need to go vote on your favorite image.  There are three categories to the contest:  My image is in the 3rd set...a contest on post-processing.  Now, I want to win and I really want to tell you which image is mine, so that I can ensure that you're helping me win, but in the name of democracy and fairness... I cannot.  All I can say is that my image is in the 3rd set.  So if you want to see some kickin' awesome pictures from photogs all around the globe, click here.


    21 December 2007

    Another Winner!

    We love to give away prizes! Honestly, it's been fun. It's our way of giving back some of the joy and happiness that you all have given us this year.

    This one's for the seniors. Back before we started the senior season, we put out the word that an iPodtouch was up for grabs. All you had to do was purchase a designer add-on in addition to your package, and you were entered in the drawing. Well, we had to wait a little longer than we had planned to do the drawing, but today was the day. And the winner of the 8GB iPodtouch is:

    Congratulations Emily! Your senior pictures and senior slideshow are loaded on the iPod so you can show off your image collection while showing off your Christmas present from GP!!


    19 December 2007

    Amber + Jason: Wedding

    This was one of those special weddings that pictures cannot completely capture. What I mean, is that the story and the emotion behind the day would fill volumes of albums, and would be made into a movie of love that would not be squashed by circumstances and hardships and waiting and distance.

    Jason is Jodi's younger brother, and has been ever since he was born. (beware of humorous insights from the author) Amber hails from Canada, and the two of them met at Camp Deer Park in New York and began a long distance relationship after their time at camp was over. Well, since the events of 9/11 and related instances, crossing the border between the US and Canada has become a bit more complicated. To make a long story short, Amber and Jason were engaged a year ago with plans of a July wedding. Well, the paperwork between the two countries was not as excited about the wedding as they were, so the wedding was delayed until a few weeks ago when Amber's papers finally went through! We rejoiced with them and the wedding was planned in about 15 days. So, here they are...together at last!

    Yes, this is our son Jackson not walking, but running the rings down the aisle. :)

    True to an old Kalona tradition, Jason's brothers (and a certain brother-in-law) kidnapped the bride and held her for ransom. Jason had to walk around to the guests and collect money to be used on the honeymoon.


    17 December 2007


    We needed a break today, and some fresh air.  So, we bundled up the kids and went outside.  It's about 20˚ outside, and the air felt sharp and clean and it stung our faces and our fingers, but the view in the timber behind our house was worth the cold.  The contrast of the deep blue in the sky against the bright white of the trees was brilliant, but didn't last the rest of the day as the sky turned a shade of gray.  I took the cameras along because I was looking for one awesome shot... Something out of the ordinary, maybe, or something I have never noticed before.  And here is some of what I spied with my little eye...

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    15 December 2007

    Althea + Ryan + ?

    I wish there was some way to track all of the clients that Althea & Ryan have referred to us since we captured their wedding a few years ago!  They should probably get free prints for life, based on all of the referrals!  We have had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know these two over the last several years at our church. We worked in the youth department with them, and they have always had a heart for kids and a love for God that is amazing. They have also played a major role in our lives in helping us to manage our finances through the Financial Peace University program.  I would recommend checking that out, if you have holes in your pockets that money seems to just fall through, and you're not sure where it all ends up. :) 

    So, naturally, we were very excited for them when they told us they were expecting. I love the way these images capture their love for each other and their personalities.  Congratulations you guys!  Can't wait till April!


    12 December 2007

    The Visitor

    I am the victim of a stalker.  I do not know if "they" have us under surveillance for a reason, or if it is purely coincidental.  I highly doubt the latter, but if per chance this window peeper is some sort of government spy sent to see if we really do photography or not, then I caught him in the act.  I do know that squirrels are evil, and have malicious intent a large percentage of the time, so it does not surprise me that he is watching. 

    **No animals were harmed during this post.**

    11 December 2007

    Details: Part 4

    Details:  The Rings

    This is one of the areas where we have the most fun as artists, and where we get to be a little "over-the-top" as photographers.  We've abandoned the traditional "hands with rings on the flowers" shots... not that it's a bad picture... and tried to find more creative ways of capturing them.  We were inspired by the amazing Nate and Jaclyn Kaiser of The Image Is Found and it's become a competition, almost, between Jodi and I to see who can think of the better ring shot! :)

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    09 December 2007


    I first met Bruce when someone asked me to help move this new family to town a few years ago.  We unloaded an entire semi-trailer of household items in one day, and we're pretty sure that 1/3 of the trailer's items belonged to their 19 yr old daughter!  Bruce and Ruthie are very gifted in speaking and counseling and spiritual discernment and marital wisdom, and have spent their lives investing in other people.  We love the relationship the two of them have with each other and their 9 children and the example they are of what a marriage should be.  We've been good friends with a few of their kids and it was one of them who snagged a gift certificate for Bruce and Ruthie to come to us for pictures!



    07 December 2007

    Christmas Contest Winner!

    Okay, so this was quite a bit more difficult than I realized going into it.  I also realized that I had no solid criteria for judging the photos, such as "which ever tree I can see the most of" or "the most creative image" or "the tree with the most people in front of it" to determine the winner.  So, Jodi just happened to have a bunch of friends over tonight, and I asked them to help me decide.  They deliberated for a few minutes and unanimously agreed on a winner, and a second place. Congratulations to Sarah Nebel!  She wins the $50 gift card to Target, just in time for Christmas shopping! 

    The also unanimous second place... staring into the ornament=unique & original.  
    Laura wins a $15 Starbucks card.

    Third place goes to Ryan, who also wins a $15 Starbucks gift card, for the "Awwww" factor.

    In no particular order...

    Thank you all for entering the contest and getting me in the Christmas spirit!  Jodi informed me today that we are going for 4 trees this year, and this is Tree #1.  Trees #2, 3 and 4 will be added to strategic places in and around the house over the next few days.  

    Merry Christmas!

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