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    27 July 2010

    Lindsey + David :: Forever

    "What do you do if it rains?" David asked me the day before the wedding.  "We bring umbrellas and have fun with it!" I said.  Well, we couldn't have ask for a more perfect day.   The rain stayed away, and in it's place were some great moody clouds. We thanked God for answering our prayers, and couldn't have been happier with the looks we were getting in the camera.

    "Lindsey + David,
    We've enjoyed getting to know you both, and it's been fun to work with you during this exciting time in your life! You both are a pleasure to be around, and we are honored that you would trust us to capture the emotions, details and celebration of your wedding day.  Thanks for everything... we wish you all the best God has for you in your lives!"
    Rodney & Jodi

    Wedding Venue: St Mary's Catholic Church, Riverside, IA
    Reception Venue: Holiday Inn, Coralville, IA


    21 July 2010

    Hallie + Cobi :: Kids

    Jodi always does a great job working with Hallie and Cobi, and I thoroughly enjoy working up images from their session every time, because I know there will be great images to work with! We've been working with this family for a while now, and it's been a lot of fun to watch the kids grow up over the years, and they seem to just keep getting more beautiful!  

    19 July 2010

    Leah + Scott :: Forever

    We had been looking forward to Leah + Scott's wedding for a long time, as we love outdoor weddings in new places! Their celebration was held at the Rock Island Arsenal Golf Club, and was a day full of beauty and style, and ended with Independence Day fireworks over the Mississippi River.  Can you get more American than fireworks on the Mississippi River?

    One of the more special things about the wedding was how Skype was involved.  Leah's first cousin was recently diagnosed with leukemia, and due to treatments was unable to attend in person.  So, one of the family brought her along on his laptop, and she was able to watch the whole wedding and was passed around at the reception, able to talk with family and friends, and give the bride and groom her best wishes and congratulations from Texas!  

    We love photographing significant moments in people's lives, and it's a huge honor and privilege to be part of more than one event in Leah's life, having created her senior portraits a few years ago.  Her family has become an extension of our family as well, and Scott just fits right in with all of it! I get to hang out with the grooms and groomsmen at most weddings, and I'm pretty sure Scott was one of the most un-nervous, laid-back grooms I've seen in a while.  He was so confident in the day that he changed out the black shoelaces in his tux shoes for the colors of the day... pink and green!  

    "Leah + Scott:  
          Congratulations on an incredibly beautiful wedding!  You both have great friends and family surrounding you, and cheering you on... that's something special.  Thank you for making us feel part of the celebration, and being flexible with all that was going on that day. We wish you all the best God has for your lives together, and I'm sure you'll find a way to make Iowa City feel like San Diego... although, truth be told, when football season is over in January, I'm guessing it'll be a lot more difficult! :)  See you soon!"
    -Rodney & Jodi

    Ceremony + Reception: Rock Island Arsenal Golf Club, Rock Island, IL
    Cupcakes: Krumpets Bakery & Cafe, Clinton, IA
    Hair:  Anna Issen (Leah's sister) 

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    13 July 2010

    Allison + Adam :: Forever

    Adam+ Allison had a scorcher of a humid summer day.  But the power of love was hotter, and the day turned out to be a great one.  They made us feel like family from the word "go". Thanks guys!

    The Hawaiian themed reception was a hit, from the sand, to the palm trees, to the steel drum band... it all made Iowa feel just a little more tropical!  You have to take a look at the cake image below... unbelievable. Props to Adam from Tip Top Cakes for creating two delicious pieces of art!  Another special touch were the authentic lei's shipped in from Hawaii for the bridal party.

    "Adam + Allison:  We've enjoyed getting to know you both this past year, and the honor of working for you on your wedding day.  Thanks for braving the intense heat and humidity... it was worth it, and you can brag that yours was the hottest wedding of the year! You both truly are fun to be around, and may God bless you in your marriage and in all that you'll accomplish together."
    Rodney & Jodi

    You have to watch out for any bride who seems to be quiet... You never know what conspiracy they might have up their sleeves!  

    Ceremony:  St Mary's, Riverside, IA
    Reception:  Holy Trinity Hall, Kalona, IA
    Cakes:  Tip Top Cakes

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    01 July 2010

    Miller :: Children

    This photo shoot was made special by working with the help of our friends Brock and Danielle from Moore Photography.  Danielle helped with lighting and props, and Brock worked wonders with kid control!  Thank you guys!

    "Jared + Mandi:  I know this isn't the first time I told you, but you have three of the most gorgeous kids we've ever known!  We've been blessed to have you guys as friends and it's been fun to watch our families grow together over the past six years.  We look forward to some of our kids getting married to each other in the future, and.... well, maybe we should just wait and see on that one! ;)  We can't wait to meet your newest addition in the next week or two!
    We love you guys!"
    Rodney & Jodi