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    22 November 2006


    I don't know about all of you, but this is one of my favorite holidays. First, you don't have the pressure of gifts (aka Christmas) but there is much food, family, and of course....Dallas Cowboys football. So in the spirit of the season, here is my top 10 things I'm thankful for:

    10:Paid holidays!!
    9: I'm glad I don't have to work outside during the Iowa winters.
    8: A warm home, and that I get to stay there for work!
    7: My fish tank. Life seems so simple and stress free when you watch fish swim.
    6: Health.
    5: A vocation that I thoroughly enjoy...making you all look good!
    4: My parents who have imported wisdom and grace to me even today.
    3: My children, Jackson & Alana who bring me joy every single day.
    2: My dear wife Jodi, who is so supportive and (not to mention) a fantastic photographer.
    1: Jesus Christ who gives me hope in every circumstance and strength for every day!!

    Here's a recent senior, Jacob.

    A new designed senior portfolio.

    16 November 2006


    Actually, we don't have an actual "senior of the week" contest, or anything, I just thought it was a catchy title. Something that would harness your attention for a few seconds. And I guess, in some respects it worked....

    Meet Erin:

    15 November 2006


    Just a notice to those of you who are still waiting to order pictures:

    If you want your images back for Christmas, the deadline for ordering is 6:00pm, Friday December 8.

    Here's some more of the latest:

    A beautful little girl named Grace

    Randall. He wasn't looking for much, so I got to step out from behind the computer and snap some shots for him and Vince. It was fun, but lets just say that I feel more comfortable behind the big screen. :)


    08 November 2006


    Here's a few of the most recent photo shoots....


    And now, some young love, Derek and Tiffany.....

    More to come...and yes, some of them will be color. :)

    02 November 2006


    I needed some inspiration the other day, so I took the camera around the house, limited myself to one lens at kept at one zoom setting, and took pictures of the office. No, it's not that we are out of work, it's just that my creative side took a sabatical for a few days. Here's some of what I shot.