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    30 March 2009


    Our little girl is growing up.

    I'm sure I'll say that a thousand more times over the next 18 years, but for now, I'll hold her tight and adore those big brown eyes while she'll let me. She's our little drama queen, random quote generator... "Daddy, I'm a girl, and you and Jackson are boys".... "Jesus likes it when we brush our teeth".... and so on. Her feelings get hurt easily, she loves to take horsey rides on my back, and would eat cereal for every meal if we would let her.

    She's our 3 yr old Alana, and she's my little princess.


    25 March 2009

    Dinner and a Movie

    Hey guys... I'm not going to lie, we haven't done much photo-wise the last 2 weeks, as you probably noticed. :) This weekend is our first wedding of 2009 and we're so flippin' excited we can hardly sit still! Joe and Amanda have been through quite a bit this past year, and we're so happy for them to finally get married!

    We've been working on our price list for 2010 the last few days and, honestly, pricing yourself is one of the toughest things to do as a photographer. So, to help with that, today we had our annual Spring meeting at Tuscan Moon (a classy little restaurant/grill on 5th Street in Kalona) with some great friends of ours... Linda of Drish Photography, and Sam and Stephen of SB Photography. They are both excellent photographers in our area, and it's been fun to bounce ideas off of each other, and brainstorm how we can do our jobs better and more efficiently. To Linda & the Benders... Thanks, you guys, for being awesome friends and business-mates!!

    For some reason, I couldn't sleep much last night. So, about 5:45 am, I crawled out of bed. I actually didn't know there WAS a 5:45 am, but apparently I was wrong. :) Anyway, I went to the office just to mess around on youtube for a little while, and I went to clips from one of my favorite shows of all time.... "Who's Line Is It Anyway." Ryan and Colin are two of the funniest people I think I've ever heard, and here's one of my favorite sketches from this morning. From about 3:45 into the movie, until the end, I laughed until I couldn't breathe.

    And here's another one just because it's a free country... at least for now. ;)

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    21 March 2009

    Hadyn & Everett :: Newborns

    There's just something about babies.

    You know what I mean... you just feel something inside when you look at a baby. You let them wrap their tiny fingers around your thumb, and you know they've just grabbed part of your heart. So, you try to hold them and it feels like your arms are too big... like the child might slip through them if you aren't careful. And, of course, when it's YOUR kid, you can't help but think about what the future holds. What will they grow up to be? What will life be like for them when they are 10? 16? 25? What knowledge will they possess? What skill will their little hands perform?

    Our good friends Tim and Angie get to take those feelings and double them!!

    We couldn't leave out the proud big brothers!

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    10 March 2009

    Waiting For Summer

    Things are pretty busy around here today, but with the fog as thick as it was in our backyard this morning, I took Alana out to paint a picture with my camera....  


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    09 March 2009

    State Tournament

    Well, here we are at another Monday, and I'm out of the office again, so you're not going to get a real fancy blog post this morning. Today, I'm hooking up with a bunch of my friends around the Kalona area, and we're going to Des Moines to watch the boys state basketball tournament.  A team from Kalona, Iowa Mennonite School, is in the competition, and since some of the guys on the team either go to our church, or I've played against them in some after school leagues, we're going to go cheer them on! 

    I'll keep you updated with scores via Twitter if you follow me on there.

    Take care... Happy Monday! 


    Also, I haven't plugged the Facebook group for a while, so if you're on Facebook, jump into the Gehman Photography group and you could win a ski trip to Bahamas!  Well, I guess that's unlikely, now that I think about it.  Seniors, here's the link for the GP Seniors page.


    We are currently needing a junior from Iowa City Regina High School to be our school rep for the Class of 2010.  Give us a call at 319 683 3357 if you're interested or know someone who is.  We will hook you up with some cool stuff!

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    03 March 2009

    Shelley + Randy :: Love

    Jodi and I have known Shelley for quite a while, and have always appreciated her spirit and her contagious personality. So, when she introduced us to Randy... we knew he would be cool. Turns out he's a golfer, much like myself, and that pretty much sealed the deal.:)  Shelley is an "outside-the-box" thinker, so in planning for the engagement session, we wanted to come up with images that would be just that... something original and unique to the couple.  We decided on a barn full of hay!  Photographing in the barn turned out to be an adventure dodging holes in the floor, and I'm pretty sure I sneezed like an idiot for a couple minutes afterwards. 

    The coolest thing about this couple is that they need zero coaching on how to be "into" each other.  I think it's safe to say that they adore each other, and it showed even when we were walking from one location to another.... I love that!

    Thanks, Shelley + Randy, for your friendship and the fun photo shoot!  We can't wait till your wedding in April!  Be blessed...

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