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    30 April 2010

    Florida #1

    We made it to Pensacola Beach yesterday for the wedding, and it's been a blast hanging out with family and eating some great seafood!  It's storming right now, and everyone's huddled up indoors waiting for it to blow over.  The rehearsal dinner and the wedding are supposed to be outdoors, so hopefully this gets out of the system this afternoon!

    Here are a few images I snapped with the iPhone as we toured the island today.

    26 April 2010

    A Case Of The Monday's :: Part 9

    1.  Last week was an awesome week.  Probably one of the best I can remember. I feel so alive, physically, spiritually... God has just been renewing my vision for what my life is supposed to look like, and it completely reaffirms why I've chosen to follow Him.  Stuff like that is hard to put into words sometimes...

    2.  I know I said it last week, but we're amped for the first wedding of the season that kicks off in Florida this weekend!

    3.  I love my parents. I talk to my dad at least once a week on the phone, and it's often pretty difficult to live 1000 miles away.  Mom + Dad... you have given me every blessing I could ever ask for in life.  Thanks for not buying me my first car. Thanks for making me get a job when I was 10, and making me buy my own clothes after that.  Thanks for teaching me how to manage a checkbook, and for not giving me a credit card. Thanks for teaching me the value of your faith, that it was much more than empty words and rituals, but a lifestyle of learning, growing and serving.  It wasn't always gravy back then, but today I couldn't begin to thank you enough.  I would formally like to repay you by letting my kids come and live with you for the summer! :)

    4.  We're excited! See #7

    5.  New music I've been digging:  Planetshakers, Manic Drive, Jason Gray, Michael Bubl√©.  I know they don't all fit together, stylistically, but I'm all over the place with music. Ask me my favorite, and it depends on the day.

    6.  For you video editors out there, I'm trying out Adobe Premiere Pro, instead of Final Cut.  Anyone have a compelling argument for me to use one or the other?  They seem fairly equal as far as performance, although I'm leaning towards Adobe for this one.

    7. Change is coming! Here it is....

    8. Thanks to our good buddies Dan + Alex at McClanahan Studio in Ames for the sweet photo.

    9.  We've been blessed with 3 wonderful kids, and we're excited to meet the fourth one this fall!  Jackson says he would like us to keep going to at least 8 children! This will be a great opportunity to teach him how to handle disappointment. :)

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    19 April 2010

    Kendal :: Senior

    Kendal is another one of the guys on the Pathway Christian basketball team that I had the privilege of helping coach this year.  Kendal was one of the leaders on the team, and really came alive the second half of the year, taking the court by storm and hitting some clutch shots in big games.

    We've also enjoyed having him as a trustworthy method of getting our kindergartner to and from school every day! Thanks, Kendal!

    He said he's considering going to a local community college for business classes next year, and we wish him well!

    14 April 2010

    Dillon :: Senior

    I had the wonderful opportunity this year to be an assistant basketball coach at Pathway Christian School, in Kalona.  One of the greatest joys as a coach was getting to know the kids, and watching them grow and improve as the year goes on.  

    Of all the players on our team, Dillon was one of the hardest workers on the floor.  Besides his hustle, his long arms made it easy for him to pick off passes and knock the ball loose, and I think he was the first player in PCS history to successfully dunk a ball in a game! 

    As of the photo session last week, he's planning to go to work for his dad's business next year and we wish Dillon all the best that God has for his life!

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    12 April 2010

    A Case of the Monday's :: Part 8

    I apologize for my lack of posting recently! We're trying to get things finished up around here before May, and blogging kinda took a backseat.  That's also why my two weeks of iPhone photos only lasted 11 days!  Anyway, here's the list for this week!


    1.  Our wedding season kicks off in lovely Pensacola, Florida in a few weeks, and we are STOKED! Seriously. We love working destination weddings, and when it's somewhere warmer than Iowa... we're in!

    2. For those of you who are using Facebook, I encourage you to visit our Gehman Photography Page sometime and make your voice heard by answering the Questions of the Week! Also, follow us on Twitter!

    3.  Crazy Love.  Francis Chan has been one of my favorite Christian speakers/communicators recently, and this book of his blows me away.  If you are searching for answers to what the Christian life should really look like, other than the Bible, this is the book I would recommend.  This book is slowly wrecking me for the kingdom of heaven, and it's been tough.  Jesus didn't go to the cross, and die for me so that I could ignore him for the rest of my life and still get into heaven.  If the story of Jesus Christ coming to earth (Christmas) and then dying on a cross and rising from the dead (Easter) is true, then we can't just move on unchanged. 

    I know you didn't come here for a sermon, but this is my list. :) 

    4. Dear Photographers, Designers, and Digital Artists:  Adobe Creative Suite CS5 is scheduled to release mid May. From what I've been hearing, and reading, this will be a game-changer for all of us.

    5. Here's another senior session sneak peak from Kendal's session.  More of him coming later on as well....

    6. Spring is here, and it's lawn mowing time! I'm sure most people don't enjoy mowing the lawn, but I sure do. Something about getting to be outside in the sun for a few hours every week that makes me smile, especially when I'm working inside looking out on these gorgeous Spring days. I read online the other day that most people get 80% of their lifetime sun exposure before the age of 18. How sad that adults aren't going outside!

    7. Turns out that previous statement isn't true, according to a 2005 study by The Skin Cancer Foundation. The SCF says most people get less than 25% of their sun exposure by 18. Here I thought everything I read on the internet is true!

    8. Everything you read on the Gehman Photography Blog is guaranteed to be true... unless I say it's not.

    9. The average Facebook users spend more than 55 minutes a day on the site. They use the Like button nine times a month and write 25 comments each month. (Random Facts)

    02 April 2010

    Photo of the Day #11

    Last night we were visiting our new friends, Brock and Danielle, at Moore Photography, and the two little girlies were watching the older ones play outside.

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    01 April 2010

    Photo of the Day #10

    Today's Photo of the Day comes to you courtesy of our youngest daughter, Stella, who's giant pop-knot on her forehead is getting her a lot of extra attention. :)

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