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    29 March 2007

    The Wait is Over!!!

    Finally! I'm sorry it took so long, but I finally posted the Africa pictures. Instead of putting them on here, I've just created a web gallery on our main site that'll handle all 300+ pictures. I kinda picked some random shots, not near all of them. Anyway. Enough chatter. Here's the link. Africa Pictures If the link doesn't work right away, just wait awhile and try again.

    PS. Several times now, I have attempted to place photos on this weblog, and I've had them disappear 3 times now. So I resign to sending you to the link. Apologies all around.

    16 March 2007

    We're Back!!


    We're back from Ghana, Africa as of last night, and it's great to be home. We spent the last 10 days either on a plane, or taking pictures/video with Living Hope International Ministries in Cape Coast, Ghana. They wanted some promotional pictures of what all the ministry is doing, so they can raise awareness as well as funds in the US. They run two orphanages, as well as about 1000 other things over there, all in the name of Jesus, helping people physically as well as spiritually. Every single day, there is a line of people outside the main house waiting for some kind of help. People walk, ride taxi's and will sit outside for days until someone comes out and listens to their needs. Funds are often limited, so LHIM can't always be of assistance, but they do what they can.

    We helped with distributing seeds to villages, put on crusades with music and preaching, and helped with taking medical clinics to the villages so that people who needed help wouldn't have to leave home. All in all, our awareness of the human condition was increased, in the fact that we all are pretty much alike, from the poorest person to the richest person. We all have a deep seated need for love, fullfillment in life, and for Jesus. Though everything about their culture is different than ours, we in the USA have sooooo very much to learn from them.

    Don't you fret, there will be pictures on here before long.

    04 March 2007

    New Contest Underway!


    You've been waiting and here it is. Email a picture of you wearing your favorite hat, or you wearing a hat that you wish was yours, to by March 20, and you could win a $30 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant! The winner will be selected by a random drawing, and will be posted here on the blog. Bonus: For each person who enters the competition, and claims you as the person who told them about it, your name will be entered in the drawing again!


    If you ever listen to online radio, here's two cool sites for you to check out. and

    .Congratulations Kerry and Jen!!!