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    30 October 2009

    The Wilbanks :: Kids

    These kids make me smile. 

    We have been getting to know their family the past year or two since their dad is our chiropractor at Washington Chiropractic, and Jodi has recently started going to a Bible study with their mom!  So the other Sunday afternoon, we had a bunch of people over including their family, and it was a great time for a mini photo shoot of the Wilbanks' cuties.

    29 October 2009

    Allison + Adam :: Love

    This Fall has given some really bright vibrant colors around here.  Bright yellows and redsare  bursting out of the blue sky like fireworks sometimes.  It makes for some cool backgrounds for photo shoots like Allison + Adam's engagement session last week.  

    We drove around the countryside for a while before we came back to our place, where this shot was taken.  I guess we had cooler stuff than we thought!

    27 October 2009

    The Miller's :: Family

    Jodi had the privilege of photographing Ben + Nicole's family not long ago, and loved working with them and their kids.  We've been getting to know Nicole a bit through her landscape design skills, as we are preparing to update our property's appearance in the coming year.  She has been very helpful and knowledgeable in getting things organized and has even helped us do some transplanting and moving plants around.  The last time she was here, she brought the kids along, and I must say, they were quite the little daredevils on their bikes!  I built a ramp for them, and even the youngest of the three was getting some good air!  Having said that, it seems fitting that I should post these photos from their family session...

    26 October 2009

    Mallory + Trevor :: Love

    It was a brisk fall day when we met up with Mallory + Trevor for their engagement session at their family farm.  Trevor was a little under the weather that morning, but hung in there just fine for the photo session.  The big red barn and the cool Jimmy's truck made for some cool backdrops to work with.

    Their wedding is coming up next August, and we're looking forward to it!

    21 October 2009

    Christy + Hisham :: "Day After"

    We were so blessed back in August to be able to photograph Christy + Hisham's wedding, and when we started talking to them about another session, we couldn't wait!  

    Since it's been a while since we've photographed a "Day After" session, let me explain.  As most of you that have been married understand, your wedding day is a blur. Sometimes, people are late, pictures seem rushed, and nervousness and the busyness of the day can be overwhelming. Enter the "Day After".   Wedding pictures with zero pressure of time, waiting guests, or keeping the dress spotless.  You're also not limited to destinations close to the church... we can go anywhere!  And you can try a new hairstyle, different suit for the groom, or even a whole new look/style to your images.  We usually take a more fashion-based approach... a lot less "smiling-and-looking-at-the-camera" type frames.  

    We took Christy + Hisham to Lake MacBride, where the vibrant colors and soft light made for some photographic sweetness!

    Here's their rings to get things started...

    19 October 2009

    Nick :: Senior


    Sports/Activities/Clubs I'm involved in: Club Soccer for Eastern Iowa United Blue U17

    Future Plans: Attend U of Iowa and go into the medical field or play soccer at another University

    Favorite Movie: The Ringer

    The biggest problem facing my generation is: Drugs and Alcohol abuse

    Something that is WAAY overrated is: The food at Subway

    One thing I'd love to do before I die: get married and have kids

    If I were President of the US for one day, two things I would change:  I'd put a soccer field in the White House instead of Obama's basketball court, and I'd lower the pay of coaches and athletes.

    One song I always turn OFF when it comes on the radio: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

    When I have a couple extra dollars in my pocket, I always buy: an Arnold Palmer (half ice tea, and half lemonade) and Ritz Crackers cheese.

    16 October 2009

    Jack :: "Oooooohh!!"

    Jack is a handsome little man with bright blue eyes and the cutest blonde curls!  His daddy and his grandpa have hog farms, so Jack gets pretty excited when he sees tractors and, of course, hogs.  We met Tiffany + Derek a few years ago when we photographed their wedding and now their family has grown!  Jack had his first birthday a couple of weeks ago, and we met at grandpa's farm for some photos.  

    We hid his toy tractor in the woodpile, and then.... he found it:

    This image needs to have sound effects...

    Jack and mommy!

    15 October 2009

    Kaleb :: Senior


    Sports/Activites/Clubs I'm involved in: Baseball, Basketball, Golf

    My future plans: Play baseball either at a Junior College, or U of Kentucky

    The best job on the planet has got to be: Vice President

    Something that is WAAY overrated is: Brett Farve

    One thing I would love to do before I die is: Play Major League Baseball

    If I had $1000 to spend in only one store, I would go to:  Scheels

    If I were President for a day, two things I would change are:  Lower taxes and make the speed limit 75

    Two things I'm looking forward to this year in school:  Making the State tournament in all of my athletics and receiving an athletic scholarship for baseball

    If I have a couple extra dollars in my pocket, I always buy: gum

    13 October 2009

    Leah + Scott :: Love

    Leah + Scott flew in from California last week for 2 reasons:  engagement photos, and the Hawkeyes homecoming game with Michigan... not necessarily in that order. :)  We photographed Leah's senior pictures a few years ago, and are good friends with her family, so it was great to see her again and to meet Scott.  It snowed a little bit the morning of their photo shoot, but the day warmed up and it was classic Autumn football weather.