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    29 September 2008

    Jennifer :: Senior Style

    Are there any Hobbies/Clubs/Activities you're involved in? I'm pretty involved in my church, I'm on the swim team, and I work at a place called Newton Village where I serve food to the residents. It's assisted and independent living for seniors. I like it a lot.

    Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden

    Two People you would love meet?
    My dad's parents. I never got to meet them but they sounded like pretty cool people.

    What is the best advice you've ever been given? Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.

    Obama or McCain? McCain!

    What's one thing you've always wanted to do? Camp out in the woods by a riverbank!

    Something you love: Sunshine! Something you hate: Constant pessimism

    This annoys you: Itchy skin

    One thing you'll never do is: Skydive.

    Something that's way overrated is: High school.

    One thing you would tell yourself if you could go back in time to your freshman year: Relax. Be confident. Don't let people get to you.

    Person you most admire: My pastor.

    The most important issue facing your generation is: Living for right now and not thinking about the future.

    One thing I cannot live without is: My Bible.


    24 September 2008

    Melissa + Chris :: Love

    Engagement sessions are especially enjoyable when the guy is into the pictures, and this was no exception.  Chris was awesome, coming up with his own great poses (see the trash can image below), and knowing what to do before we even said anything.  Melissa was a bridesmaid in the last wedding we photographed, so she already knew what to expect! :) 

    Melissa said she bought these sweet shoes specifically for the engagement session! 

    They were asked to hold hands and walk like they normally would when they are together... this is what Chris came up with. :)

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    22 September 2008

    Grael :: Senior Style

    Grael is another great senior from our church, who has quite possibly the coolest house in the area.  We started out in our studio, using new walls that Grael's mom painted for us earlier this year... .  

    Then, we moved on to their house. We could have probably shot the whole session in there, but we had to go out into their field before the sun disappeared...

    If you had $1000 to spend in only ONE store, where would you go?: ebay... is that cheating?

    You have unlimited money for one month: what do you do, and where do you go? back to Bolivia to finish a daycare not yet done.

    Two People you would love meet? seth cohen and rorry gilmore

    Obama or McCain? obama

    What's one thing you've always wanted to do? jump out of an airplane and parachute into the middle of kalona with the whole town watching... this is with a ball dress and top hat on.

    Something you love: holding hands   Something you hate: feet

    Your future plans (college, missions trips, career, etc....): either mission work, culinary school, or an Art school

    One thing you'll never do is: pet my dog

    Do you have any hidden talents?  I'm a super quiet'll never know when I'll be around!

    The most important issue facing your generation is: recognizing the issues overseas.

    One thing I cannot live without is: my toothbrush


    This video is priceless.... a great way to mow your lawn if you have better things to do. (for those of you who are fans of the David Crowder*Band, this is the drummer, B-whack)


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    18 September 2008

    Sara + Eric :: Forever

    We met Sara + Eric back in June for their engagement session, and it was cool to see them again!  It was our third wedding in Marion, this year, and two in a row, actually.  But, we didn't have a whole lot of time before the wedding to go anywhere, so these images were all taken between the ceremony and reception at some old metal building downtown, and then at soggy Noelridge Park.  

    This cute little ring bearer was a relative of Eric's.  He lives far away from Eric, so he didn't really know him very well, and was a little afraid, I suppose.  Well, as you can imagine, that led to some difficulty during the formal pictures, of Eric and the little guy.  So, during the bride and groom portion of the day, I noticed the ring bearer admiring, and immediately stomping on, some pretty flowers. :)  So Eric and I decided to trick him into a photograph.  I walked up to the little boy with my camera behind my back, and just started talking to him about the flowers.  He was quite distracted as I asked him to point to his favorite ones, and Eric meanwhile, was sneaking around behind him.  Then I asked if I could take a picture of him (still very unaware of Eric's immediate presence behind him) pointing to his favorite flower and this was the result...

    After this picture, I asked him if he would look at me for the next picture, and instead, he whipped around behind him to see Eric standing there!  The poor little dude bolted from the scene, crying, into the loving arms of his laughing mommy, realizing he had been tricked.  We kind of felt bad, but... hey. We got one picture. :) 

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    16 September 2008

    Melissa :: Senior Style

    Melissa is the 3rd child of her family to come our way for senior pictures!  That's awesome!  If she were aspiring to be a model, some of these shots would definitely be a great start... she has the look.  We have some great friends at Melissa's church, and everyone there speaks very highly of her and where she's headed in life....


    Two People you would love meet? Cleopatra, Sacajawea

    What is the best advice you've ever been given? Practice makes Perfect

    Obama or McCain? McCain

    What's one thing you've always wanted to do? Ride a horse on the beach

    This annoys you: Snoring

    TV shows you love to watch: Prison Break, Fringe, CSI, Cold Case

    Your future plans: College, Study Archaeology

    One thing you'll never do is: hold a tarantula

    Something that's way overrated is: high school

    If everyone had to choose an Olympic sport to participate in, what sport would you choose: figure skating

    The most important issue facing your generation is: non-passive christianity


    Let's not forget about all of those affected by hurricanes this year... most recently, those in Texas.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.  They say pictures are worth 1000 words.  Well, The Boston Globe has one of my favorite daily blogs with some pictures of Ike that will make your head spin.  


    Did you see Monday Night Football last night?  It was one of the most exciting games I've watched in a long time, not to mention my Cowboys beat the hated Eagles, which makes any game good. :)  The Cowboys have something to prove this year, and they're off to a great start!

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