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    31 January 2011

    Grace :: I'm One!

    Little Gracie recently turned one!  She's got a great big set of bright blue eyes, and a crooked little grin to make her one adorable bundle of amazing! Her parents are getting ready to welcome another little one into their family in a few weeks, so Grace will have someone to play with before too long! We're excited for them, and can't wait to meet the new little one!

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    24 January 2011

    Madelyn and Connor :: Newborn

    Madelyn is one of the happiest little girls you might meet, because she has a new baby brother, Connor, and she's loving being the big sister! Little Connor was an early Christmas gift for Madelyn and her family, and he's growing up quickly.  

    "Madelyn, You are a wonderful big sister! You take good care of little Connor, and make sure your Mommy and Daddy give you lots and lots of candy for all the help you give them! :)  We can't wait to see you both again, and hope that you're staying warm! It'll soon be summer and you'll be able to run and play outside again.  Until then... keep on smiling!"

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    19 January 2011

    Hershberger :: Kids

    It's time to show you the Hershberger kids!  We used images from this session for their birth announcements and Christmas Cards! We always enjoy working with these kids, as they are quite well behaved, and seem not to mind being in front of a camera!  They were so blessed to have a new addition to the family right before Christmas, and I know they are loving on her even as we speak! 

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    10 January 2011

    New Years Resolutions

    This year, I want to:______________________.

    You filled in the blank, I'm sure, sometime after Thanksgiving as Christmas rolled into view, as you started making plans for what your New Years Resolution would be.  The top ten resolutions are:

    1. Spend more time with family and friends.
    2. Exercise more.
    3. Lose weight.
    4. Quit smoking.
    5. Enjoy life more.
    6. Quit drinking.
    7. Get out of debt.
    8. Learn something new.
    9. Help others.
    10. Be more organized.

    I don't know if you fit into that list somewhere, maybe multiple times, but most of us have pretty much the same goal... improving our lives. This year, one of my resolutions is to work less. Not in a lazy way, in fact, it will make me work harder.  My goal is to be in the office less each day, but to make that office time count for more.  Another one of my goals is to read through the Bible again. I've only done it once straight through.  It's sad that this book is what I base my entire belief system on, the foundation of my faith, parenting, relationships, marriage, and my view of life and death, and yet there are parts of it I've only read a time or two. So I'm working on that.

    I don't know what you're up against this year; what you see looming ahead, or what  obstacles you've overcome to even make it to 2011 alive, but one thing I know: you are still here for a reason.  When you woke up today, you were given another chance at life.  So the slate is clean! It doesn't matter how messy the slate was last year. It doesn't matter how messy it was yesterday. Today is new. 2011 is new.  We were meant to live for more than just surviving, and life is too short to dwell on the past. 

    The slate is clean, so live like it! 


    05 January 2011

    The Rossiter Family

    It’s always a pleasure to meet with other families, and watch how their kids relate to each other. Each family interacts differently, and we always enjoy the uniqueness that sibling relationships and, sometimes, rivalry's can bring.

    The Rossiter kids are a handsome crew, and we enjoyed working with them, although after a few minutes it was clear to see which of the three was in charge. She wasn’t about to be outdone by her big brothers, and she could hold her own quite well. The boys were pretty tough, and didn’t like to touch anyone, or have anyone touch them. But Jodi, as always, did great at getting them all to work together, and they did an awesome job!

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    03 January 2011


    Jodi and I photographed Jesi and Nick's wedding a few years ago, and were thrilled when they called about family pictures before Christmas! We were excited to meet little Cash, and he's about as cute as they come!