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    26 April 2007

    Some more designs

    .At the risk of bragging, I think these cards are pretty hot, but what can I say? Inspiration comes from above.

    24 April 2007

    A Goose at the Window

    So, the other day, I'm just working away, and minding my own business, when I hear the familiar honking of geese. I arose from my chair to see what was the matter, when who should appear, but two Canadien geese apparently stalking me. I quickly grabbed the camera to show you all how odd this sight was.

    Now tell me that isn't the craziest thing ever. We barely have water on our property!! I don't know what they were doing here, but I gave them directions to the nearest lake.

    .Here's a few more shots of the wedding in Kansas earlier this month.


    USELESS FACT #2947

    .So you think it's modern to listen music over the internet? Not as much as you might think. In 1896, Thaddeus Cahill filed a patent on the "art of and apparatus for generating and distributing music electronically" and until 1914 he fed music signals down AT&T's telephone lines with his Telharmoniums apparatus. And he wasn't even the first. Elisha Gray transmitted music over a telephone line in 1876 - the same year the telephone was patented Alexander Graham Bell.

    19 April 2007


    Meet Lauren!


    .Here's some of the latest designs for this years seniors.

    RANDOM WEDDING FACTS (I borrowed some of this from another blog)

    .What's HOT for weddings this summer?

    1. Cushion-cut diamond rings (did you know that the average amount spent on an engagement ring is $3,165.00).

    2. The hot destination for honeymooners is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

    3. The top wedding favor is tea candles.

    4. Lily's are the must-have flower.

    5. Big layered wedding gowns are in!

    6. The average age of a bride and groom is 27-29.

    The trend that we've seen change at weddings in the last year, is that the traditional slide show usually seen at receptions, is now being moved to part of the ceremony - Sometimes shown at the beginning before the processional, and sometimes after the bride has walked the aisle. Cool!! It's good to see people brave enough to try new things.

    17 April 2007


    . Here's the big announcement! The winner of the Easter memories contest is ME!! Either it was a terrible contest suggestion, or you don't remember many Easters. Oh well. Live and learn. The prize was a trip to Aruba, but I guess I'll have to go instead!

    .Thirty-two people were killed, along with a gunman, and at least 15 injured in two shooting attacks at Virginia Tech University on Monday during three hours of horror and chaos on the sprawling campus yesterday. Please keep the victims teachers, families and friends in your prayers as they deal with the deaths of these students. It's very easy to feel disconnected from incidents like this when it happens to someone else, but we can pray.

    It was the deadliest shooting rampage in American history and came nearly eight years to the day after 13 people died at Columbine High School in Colorado.

    .The 15th of April marks the day that the first ever all-glass undersea restaurant in the world opens its doors for business at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa. It will sit five meters below the waves of the Indian Ocean, surrounded by a vibrant coral reef and encased in clear acrylic offering diners 270-degrees of panoramic underwater views.

    Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa Rangali Island
    Rangali Island, PO Box 2034, Rangali Island, Maldives 2034
    Tel: 960-668 0629 Fax: 960-668 0619

    08 April 2007

    Ryan and Camala

    .This Easter weekend found us in South Western Kansas at the wedding celebration of Ryan and Camala! What a fun couple! Thanks you guys for being so much fun to work with, and for living in a beautiful town! We are so blessed to have such a fun occupation that lets us get around the country and around the world, and make a living at the same time!! We just arrived home, not one hour ago, so I only have one picture of the wedding to put on here, but this one is cool.

    Nobody shot par at the 2007 Masters. But Zach Johnson's 3-under 69 on Sunday provided a true Cinderella story. Tiger and others stumbled late, leaving Johnson as the third ever to win green with a 289 total. "I'm from Cedar Rapids, Iowa," he said when asked to describe himself. "That's about it. I'm a normal guy." The win at the Masters was Johnson's second win this year.


    05 April 2007

    Contest Winner

    .Contest Winner!!

    I know, I know, you're thinking "Already!! Why, it's only been a month since the contest ended, so why would they announce the winner already?!

    And the winner of $30 to the restaurant of their choice is:

    Leonard and Twila wearing their favorite hats.

    Honorable mention goes to Emily.

    We'll have a new contest in the works shortly so hang in there.


    .Here's some stupid criminal fun for you.

    1. A 25 yr old man will front court next month after allegedly breaking into a police station overnight in Palmwoods Australia. Police allege the man broke into the Palmwood's station by climbing through a window sometime between 7:30pm and 8:45pm. The man is accused of stealing back property that police had seized from him earlier in the day. The 25 yr old then took the property back to his home where police arrested him about an hour later.

    2. A fast food worker had her son punch her in the face in an attempt to stage a robbery outside a KFC restaurant, police said. Police received a robbery report outside a KFC in FAyetteville NC at about midnight. Tina Brown told police that a robber had punched her in the face while she was changing her car's tire and stole her purse - along with the restaurant's bank deposit bag which contained $1,137 in cash and checks, authorities said. According to police, Brown's son drove up as authorities were investigating the robberyl. Police said the son seemed nervous, and when they searched his car they found the money and Brown's purse.

    .A new Smart Phone

    While smart-phone makers cower in the looming shadow of the June release of the iPhone from Apple, a small cellphone service provider called Helio is introducing a device that is getting plenty of buzz.

    The Ocean, priced at $295, will be available at dealers this month, giving it a bit of a head start on the iPhone.