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    13 December 2010

    Three Weeks Later...

    I'm in love again. 

    In between wedding albums and Christmas cards this morning, I took a break to post these pictures of our little Scarlett! It's hard to believe she's been part of our lives for almost a month already!  We can't get enough of her thats for sure, and as much as I'm ready for her to be talking and telling me why she's crying, we're enjoying this stage of her life. 

    Huge props to our friend Danielle, who did a wonderful job with Scarlett.  Thanks so much!

    10 December 2010


    Some clever chaps over at Northpoint Community Church in Atlanta GA make some Christmas music on their iPod/iPads:

    06 December 2010

    The Moore Family

    Doug and Amy, have been awesome to work with the past couple of years.  It's been a pleasure working with their family, but even more so, becoming friends.  Both of them have a great sense of humor, and are honestly a joy to talk to. When I look at these images they make me smile, because I can just hear the family laughing, and enjoying each other.  Doug and Amy love life, and their kids, and it's easy to see!  

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