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    31 July 2008

    Sophie and Dawsyn :: Young Life.

    We are good friends with Sophie and Dawsyn's family, and get to hang out with them quite a bit.  It was time to update some pictures for Little Sophie, so we went to work on our brand new couch in the studio!  Sophie has something our kids will probably never possess:  curly hair!! She's flippin' adorable... 

    Time for big Sis' Dawsyn's pictures!  She just turned 4 not too long ago!  She's rockin' some of her own poses here... 


    26 July 2008

    Megan+Bob :: Forever

    July 18 saw us driving East to the Quad Cities for Megan and Bob's wedding.  It all started in Davenport at St Pauls where I captured the most moving picture of my short career.  

    Then, after the ceremony, we darted off to Vander Veer Botanical Park where we had some fun doing bridal party shots, and trying to avoid the other 2 weddings that were going on near our location.

    After Vander Veer, we headed for the riverfront.  We had a rowdy, drunk audience who were shouting congratulations so loud that Megan and Bob couldn't hear Jodi's instructions, so we moved on! 

    After the riverfront, we moved to the location of Megan and Bob's first date... their favorite bar, called Mac's Tavern, where there were shots for everyone!

    Lastly, the 2 limos whisked them off to the Figge Art Museum for the reception.  The room was very modern and simple and home to one of the biggest elevators I have ever seen.  Then, Bryan and Tom from Master DJ took the party home.  They were some of the best DJ's we have ever, ever worked with.  

    Thanks to Megan and Bob for trusting us to capture everything about your special day!  We were honored to be there, and hope that you had a great trip to Hawaii!

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    24 July 2008

    Katelyn :: Senior Style

    Hobbies/Clubs/Activities I'm involved in:
    4-H, Volleyball, Track, Wrestling Cheerleading, National Honor Society, "A" Honor Roll, and E-Hawk Buddy

    If I could have dinner with any 3 people (past or present) they would be:
    1. My niece, Ally Schany
    2. Shia LaBeouf
    3. Anne Hathaway

    Obama or McCain?

    Something I love: driving in my car, sunroof open, and music blaring!

    TV shows I love:
    John and Kate plus Eight and Super Sweet Sixteen

    Best movie I've ever seen:

    My future plans:
    Go to the University of Iowa to either become a dentist or a teacher

    Something that's way overrated is:

    One thing I would tell myself if I could go back in time
    to my freshman year:

    To not be so shy and afraid of the seniors, they're really not that bad!

    The most important issue facing my generation is:
    Probably our dependency on foreign oil!

    If I had $1000 to spend in only ONE store, I would go to:
    Saks Fifth Avenue

    Would You Rather: be able to take back anything you say OR be
    able to hear any conversation?
    Be able to hear any conversation!

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    23 July 2008

    Molly :: Senior Style

    Molly is our first senior for 2009, and we're super excited about this year! As with last year's seniors, we are going to revisit the "A Bit About Me" bit. I come up with 25 questions... some are serious and some are lame, but it's all in fun.

    Without further ado, here's Molly:

    If I could spend $1000 in only ONE store, I would go to:  Von Maur

    Something I can't live without:  Sour Patch Kids & my mom's Puppy Chow!

    My hidden talent is:  Organizing

    My future plans include:  Kirkwood & UNI

    This annoys me:  Fake people

    One thing I've always wanted to do is:  Skydive!

    One thing I'll never do:  Smoke

    The best advice I've ever been given is:  Always do your best, no matter the situation.

    Favorite Restaurant:  Blackstone

    Obama or McCain:  McCain

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    21 July 2008

    What I did yesterday...

    Early Monday morning, about 5:00am, which I had often heard about but rarely experience, I awoke to the sound of vicious rain pounding on our windows, accompanied by constant lightning, and apparently some small hail.  After leaping into the early stages of panic, and quickly assessing the situation on, I proceeded to try to get a glimpse out the window as to what all was going on.  I did notice that several branches in our spacious and beautiful backyard were not as they should be, and I figured that I would have some chain-sawing to do, which I enjoy on occasion.  What turned out to be a "very severe thunderstorm with up to 100mph winds" but "not a tornado" ripped through our backyard and several of our neighbors properties this morning, and when I went to survey the damage, we had 9 trees down.  **click here for video**Most of these trees were mature hackberry and/or oak trees, and they were 80 years large.  So, needless to say, we needed some help.  

    We placed a memo on the hotline at our church, and before too long there were people rolling in with chain-saws, tractors, and helping hands.  What should have taken me a month took just one day.  I was AMAZED at how fast and efficiently everyone worked... it was awesome.

    Anyway, I hope to be back on the blog with a few seniors this week, plus some awesome shots from Megan and Bob's wedding in Davenport.  We really had a great time with them!


    17 July 2008

    Tara+Josh :: Forever

    Day 1 of our family road trip last weekend started with Tara and Josh's wedding in Okoboji.  We arrived at The Inn at Okoboji in time to capture some shots of Tara and girls getting ready, and get a few details.  Then it was off to the church for the family formals and the ceremony.  After the ceremony, a limo took the bridal party to a boat which carried them across the lake to The Inn for the reception, where the party got started! 

    Thank you, Tara and Josh, for letting us be part of your special day!!  You guys are great together, and it was fun working with you both! 

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