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    28 September 2007

    Laura and James

    Sorry I'm a day late on this post, but the pictures are worth the wait!

    This wedding was absolutely amazing! Palisades State Park, near Mt Vernon, Iowa... GORGEOUS weather... beautiful sky on a sweet river... and a wonderful couple to top it off. Congratulations, Laura and James! You guys were great... couldn't have picked a nicer day for an outdoor ceremony, or a prettier spot! James...I totally dig the brown tuxes the more I see them in the pictures, and Laura... you win the "Bride Most Willing To Risk Falling Into Water For The Sake of Photography" award. :)

    We hope you all enjoy looking at our work as much as we enjoy creating it!

    Have a Great weekend!


    26 September 2007

    Jordan and Thad's Wedding

    We were excited about this wedding for a long time. Firstly, because Jordan and Thad are very cool people, and secondly because it was going to be at White Oak Vineyards near Elkhart. It is a sweet little place for weddings, let me tell you.

    Jordan and Thad... thanks for letting us be part of your lives during your special day! The wind was crazy sometimes, but we had a great time with you guys. And, we felt so honored to have you guys serve us our cheesecake, which, by the way, was AMAZING! It was the first time a bride and/or groom has served the photographers food!


    25 September 2007

    On a personal note...

    Due to the following post, Jordan and Thad will be posted tomorrow....

    Rarely, on this blog, do I allow insight into our personal lives, because I know that most, if not all, of you are here for pictures and that's the whole point of the blog in the first place. However, there are certain occasions where it is very difficult to make sense of things, and it feels good to air it out.
    On Monday, I had the opportunity to play piano at the funeral of a local high school senior girl, who at 18 years young, committed suicide. I didn't know her or her family personally, but I can't say that my life wasn't affected. As I played music, over 500 people and most/all of the high school filed in to remember a life full of so much potential and so much to celebrate that was cut short by the very person who had it all.
    The part that hit me the most is that this girl is a "client" of ours. She didn't come to us for senior pictures, but every year in late summer/early fall, we take pictures of senior girls and guys just like her. In 2007 America, the standard is to ignore problems hoping they will go away, and to "mind our own business" and not ask questions. But I wonder about all of the kids that we were/are privelaged to photograph over the years, and how many of them obliged a smile for the camera but were secretly torn apart inside. I wonder if our images remind them of who they wish they could be... a smiling, happy person, instead of hurt/confused/angry. I wonder if someone would have spent just another minute with this girl, or asked the hard questions... could have it made a difference?
    Jodi and I love high school kids... they are the most vibrant, lively, full of hope individuals on the planet. Of course, not all high schoolers are hurting, in fact most of them probably aren't. They have plans for the future of what they want to become. They have no limits to what they can accomplish...what they can do. We consider it an honor to stand with each senior and, for an hour or two, capture that moment in their lives where everything seems to be in their favor.
    But I was made aware this weekend that those who need our help the most are the ones who will probably never say anything.

    To all of those from Mid Prairie High School who are hurting.... we hurt with you.
    Rodney Gehman for all of us at GP


    23 September 2007

    Seniors: Ethan, Allison

    Another 2 for the price of 1 Senior Day!


    People call me: Al

    My Future: Nursing

    My Favorite Movie: Empire Records

    The best advice I've ever been given: Follow your own conscience

    Three words that describe me: Laid back... Loving... Happy

    Most weekends you'll find me: Working at Hy-Vee

    One things I'll never do: Never say never

    Hobbies/Sports/Activites I'm involved in: Swimming

    Something I love: Babies

    Something I hate: Cauliflower


    info coming soon...

    Upcoming previews on the blog this week:

    Tuesday: Jordan and Thad's Wedding

    Thursday: Laura and James' Wedding


    22 September 2007

    Emily and TJ

    Now, as you look at these pictures you will see that I have been replaced. I was out of town during this wedding, so our new Family and Children photographer, Hannah, came along and... *ahem*... "got her feet wet" as second shooter with Jodi. Then the little ring bearer tried his hand at Jodi's camera. As you can see, he didn't do too bad. :) At least he got Jodi in focus.

    We LOVE the story in this picture....


    1.) More seniors coming soon.... Ethan, Allison, and more.

    2.) The iPodtouch for the senior giveaway is on it's way to our front door as we speak!

    3.) We're at James and Laura's Wedding today, so we won't be returning emails or phone calls until Monday.

    4.) SENIORS This is very important.... October 25 is the last day to get in at Gehman Photography for your senior pictures. We only have a few more openings before it's too late!


    20 September 2007

    Seniors: Hope, Andrew

    We had a wonderful time at the wedding yesterday... The wedding was at White Oak Vineyards, and it was a really sweet venue. Jordan and Thad were awesome, and were great sports even though it was CRAZY windy and that veil just wouldn't stay put. :) I'll try to get some pictures up in the next day or so.

    In the mean-time, it's a Double-Dip of Seniors today free of charge!


    People call me: Hope a Dope

    My Future: History and Archeaology

    People say I'm really good at: Smiling

    The best advice I've ever been given: Live Without Regret

    Favorite TV show: Gilmore Girls

    Three words that describe me: Energetic... Forgetful... Fun

    If I had a $1000 gift certificate to any ONE store, I would go to: Urban Outfitters

    Something I hate: War

    I would love to meet: Elizabeth the First

    What's playing on my iPod?: Jack Johnson, Daft Punk

    Something that is SOOO overrated is: MySpace


    Favorite TV show: SportsCenter

    Three words that describe me are: Honest... Responsible... Reliable

    Favorite sports team(s): St Louis Cardinals

    One thing I'll never do: Smoke

    Hobbies/Sports/activities I'm involved in: Baseball

    If I had a $1000 gift certificate to any ONE store, I would go to: Best Buy

    I would love to meet: Tony LaRussa


    19 September 2007

    Seniors: Rachel


    Yar, tis true! Today is "Talk Like a Pirate" Day, and since it's even more difficult to TYPE like a pirate, I'll leave you to watch a YouTube clip from one of my favorite movies "Dodgeball" starring Steve the Pirate. **I'm not sure about the opening statement, but Steve is funny**


    People call me: Rach, Rachey

    My Future: Communications at U of I

    The car I drive: Grand Prix GTP

    Three words that describe me are: Fun... Loyal... Laid Back

    Favorite Sports Teams: Iowa Hawkeyes, Chicago Cubs, Indianapolis Colts

    One thing I'll never do: Smoke

    This annoys me: People that lie

    My favorite kind of jeans are: BKE

    I would love to meet: Matt Damon

    What's playing on my iPod?: Rascall Flatts, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin


    1) Tomorrow, we'll be out of the office all day, as we'll be in Des Moines for Jordan and Thad's wedding!

    2) I have some pictures from several seniors ready to post as soon as they fill out the blog questions.

    3) Wedding pictures from Emily and TJ's wedding are coming up, as well.

    Lots of things are happening around here! We're also trying to get caught up on some wedding album designs, so if you're waiting on those....we're working around the clock, and by "we" I mean "Rodney". :)