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    30 July 2009

    Amy + John :: Forever

    Sorry to all of you who couldn't see the images on this post. Somehow, Blogger added some code... blah blah blah. Here they are again, for the first time. :)

    29 July 2009

    Swartzendruber :: Family

    Here's a fun family session Jodi shot back in June that never made it to the blog. Hannah had worked for us at one time as our family photographer, and it was fun to be able to photograph her with her brother and parents. This session led to one of the craziest events ever witnessed during a photo session for GP, and I'm disappointed that I missed it. Apparently there was a backroad car chase involving a police officer (obviously), a young man driving with an open container (who almost collided with the cruiser, and now the one doing the evading) and a MASSIVE John Deere tractor, which (as it was passing our vehicles) effectively blocked the road (using our van to shield one side of the road) so that the officer could arrest the young man not 30 feet from where Jodi stood photographing the Swartzendruber family. Apparently Jodi was too busy watching to get any photos of this event, much to my dismay. :) However, she was "alert" enough to later provide the officer with one of our business cards, should he ever need our photography services! Geez, Louise.

    I feel sorry for the kid. A great way to ruin your life, or someone else's, is drinking and driving, but when you're young you're invincible, right?

    28 July 2009

    Jamie + Rusty :: Forever

    There was a sweet little bent grass area behind Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center and it looked awesome with the Brooks Golf Club as the backdrop and a deep blue sky as the icing on the cake. Jamie + Rusty met each other before the wedding, and we took a little drive around the lake to Gull Point State Park where we found a sweet pier to shoot with. We are learning to really like that part of Iowa, even though it's about 5 hours from Kalona. Jamie + Rusty were great to work for, and we wish them all the best!!

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    23 July 2009

    Ryker + Stavia :: Kids

    These are two of our favorite little people on the planet. Ryker and Stavia (Jodi's nephew and niece) are so full of life and energy and smiles and we always enjoy having them around, although when it comes to pictures, we never know what we're going to get. :) Stavia was pretty shy this time around, but Ryker and I had fun climbing on mulch piles, and playground equipment at Hardy Lawn Furniture where his parents work. Check out their website, or stop by their office if you're looking for a great yard swing, storage shed, or playground.

    20 July 2009

    Amy + Stan :: Family

    We had a wonderful time getting to know our new Canadian friends Amy + Stan and their family, and our kids seemed to hit it off with Amy + Stan's little cutey-pies. After the photos, we sat around and talked about music, politics and how life in Canada is different than life here in the States and how we'd like Amy + Stan to move to Iowa. :)

    14 July 2009


    Okay folks... we've been hacking through some computer issues here in between vacations, out of town weddings, and shoots, but last night we finally broke through the haze.

    So, having said that, if you're waiting for Amy and John's wedding images... they're going online today. I'll also try to get a blog post up before we take off for Chicago this afternoon.

    Back in business, thank you God!

    Stay tuned... there's some cool posts coming this week and next. See you soon!

    08 July 2009

    Hailey + Quinn :: Love

    We met up with Hailey + Quinn with the goal being to get some great outdoorsy photos for their engagement session, complete with a campfire and marshmallows.  The sun actually stayed up longer than we thought, so we had some really great natural light for most of the session.  

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