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    30 November 2009

    Sara + Josh :: Forever

    After a cold rainy week, the sky's opened up and God said "Here, have the most beautiful, late November day anyone could ever ask for". Well, I don't know that He said that for sure, but that's what it seemed like. :)

    What a beautiful day! You guys were a pleasure to work with in every way, and very often, between scenes and poses, we could see you guys sneaking kisses, and snuggles, and loving glances that were not meant for the camera to see. We love the connection that you two share, not only with each other, but with God and how you have made him the foundation of your marriage.
    We felt very honored to be part of this huge moment in your lives, and meeting the people who are most important to you. We hope you have a great trip to Florida, and that it's much warmer there than it is here!

    The Floral artistry was provided by Empire House. These ladies are AMAZING.


    23 November 2009

    The Hawkins' :: Family

    There's nothing quite like family. There is a collective safety and trust, transparency and cohesiveness that doesn't exist in any other group. You are free to be yourself... and be loved. You are free to give love and express love... and have it returned. Family is often the first thing you would fight for, and most would give their life before they would let someone else trifle with their loved ones.

    You were a pleasure to work with. We saw respect, and intimacy, laughter and discipline. It all flows together in a dance that ends up with everyone eventually looking at the camera at the same time with a pleasant expression on their faces, to create an image that will forever capture that moment in time and space. We all refer back to photographs to remember the giggles and the joys and the struggles that come with loving the people that God has put in our lives, and we hope that you smile each time you look at these images, and
    thank God for the beautiful people that you are.
    Thank you for the honor of capturing these moments for you.

    18 November 2009

    Tara + John :: Forever

    Tara + John, we had a blast on your wedding day. From the colors you picked, to the fields around your house, the old building, the antique guns, John's deer stand... it was wonderful and uniquely "you"! Not to mention the delicious chicken at the reception... actually, I don't even know if "delicious" is a strong enough word. If we wouldn't have had to work, we could have just sat there and ate chicken all night. Then, Tara, your mom sent us off with a pan full of cake, and coloring books for the kids.... you guys both have wonderful families and it was a pleasure being part of your wedding day!

    This is one bridal party you don't want to mess with. :)

    Tara shares a dance with her dad...


    16 November 2009

    Courtney + Matt :: Love

    We met up with Courtney + Matt near Matt's family farm for their engagement session, and loaded up our gear into their 4 wheel drive truck. There was a very specific reason for this, namely the fact that where we were going for the photo shoot, our mini-van - no matter how daring and powerful it may be - was not going to make the trip without getting stuck. This turned out to be a very wise decision.

    Matt is a farmer, so, during one of the most amazing evening sky slash sunsets we've worked with this year, Matt said "Can I go get my tractor?!" So he tore off to get the tractor, while we hoped the sunset wouldn't be completely gone before we got set up.

    13 November 2009

    Airplanes :: Commercial

    Last week saw us doing two commercial shoots, which is something we haven't done much of. We've got a great friend/client who is selling his airplane and wanted to get some professional photos to make his stand apart from the rest. The thing about shooting commercial is that it's not just as simple as rolling into the location and firing away. There is a lot of setup and prep time before we start shooting... but we don't have to worry about getting good expressions! :) It definitely was fun, for something different.

    If you're interested in purchasing either of these planes, let us know, and we'll hook you up!

    11 November 2009

    Hannah + Chris :: Love

    Hannah is another one of our high school seniors that came back to GP for engagement photos! We love when that happens. :) It's fun to see our seniors a few years after we've photographed them, and find out what they're doing in life and where they are headed. Hannah + Chris have a heart for the mission of taking the Gospel to the world, and they are both in college preparing to do just that.