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    30 October 2008

    Jesi + Nick :: Forever

    The crisp Autumn air, colorful trees and blue sky were a perfect backdrop for Jesi + Nick's wedding on Saturday in Riverside, Iowa.   Nick got the ball rolling Saturday morning with a beautiful letter to his new bride and we kicked off our day with some ring shots.  Something funny that happened during the day, was when the groomsmen secretly turned  Nick's cell phone on in his pocket, and then called it in the middle of the ceremony! 

    Image by Heidi Eiffert:

    The groom wanted to be on BOTH sides of the camera...


    A couple of thanks:  First of all, thanks to all of you well-wishers, and prayer partners during the last week or so of our new baby's arrival.  We honestly have the most amazing clients, and friends ever.  Secondly, thanks to Heidi Eiffert for coming along and helping with the wedding... it was awesome working with her, and just having that peace of mind that we did have a backup with us... also, thanks to Heidi's husband Troy, and Linda Drish for being on stand-by. :)  And lastly, for now, thanks to our Father in Heaven for the gift of a perfect little baby girl.  We've always said, we don't care whether it's a boy or girl, as long as the baby is healthy, and Jodi recovers well.  Both were the case this time around, and we're grateful.  


    I'll be photographing this weekend with Barlowgirl on two tour stops w/ my dad.  It's my first time photographing live music, so I'm very excited about trying some new stuff.  For those of you who think I'm ditching my wife right after she gave birth, that is not the case. :)  My mother is staying with her this weekend, and she's more help than I am! Ha! Probably is true, though... my mom rocks.



    27 October 2008

    We would like to introduce.....

    Well, it's been an eventful day!  

    First of all, if you took the baby polls (two posts ago) and you chose "Monday" and "Girl" you win a new car, courtesy of Nissan of Iowa City!  Actually... second thought scratch that.  

    Monday evening, at 7:17, we welcomed Stella Milan into our family!  She was 7lb 8oz and healthy as can be!! Praise God!  And, I have to tell you... the third time around it's still just as amazing as the first child.  Just to imagine that two people can create another life is way over my head, and then to think that in that tiny little package is a personality and a soul that will live forever. Crazy.  

    Jodi was amazing again.  For those of you who like the gory details, you'll have to ask her for those... she loves to tell the story. :)  But it was quick and easy and everyone is doing quite well. Jackson and Alana came up to the hospital with Grandpa and Grandma Miller so they both got to hold her and love on Stella a bit.  Grandpa and Grandma Gehman are on their way as we speak! (Grandpa is driving the equipment rig for Barlowgirl on their concert tour)

    So, a big "THANK YOU" to all of you who have been praying for us, and thinking about us this weekend.  We're so honored and blessed to be surrounded by amazing friends, family, and clients---you've all been so patient and understanding, and we can't thank you enough.

    Normally, in hospital rooms, you get an "awesome" view of the pebble rooftops and A/C vents.  Here was our view today!  It was great!

    Isn't Jodi gorgeous!?

    For the first time in public... Stella Milan!


    I just wanted to give an extra shout-out to all of the good people who work in hospitals.  As photographers, we understand how it feels to learn to treat every wedding like it's your only one.  I mean, every wedding is the biggest day of two people's lives, and we can't treat it like it's "just another wedding".  And for all of our nurses/docs today, (except one), we never felt like we were "just another client".  That makes the whole process soooo much easier.  So, hat's off to those of you who give sponge baths, and IVs and help people to the bathroom every day and actually enjoy it.  Thanks for caring.


    Grael :: Kids

    Little Grael is growing quickly, and its hard to believe she's 6 months old already!  But as most of you parents know, everyone tells you that your kids will grow up quickly, and you don't believe them.  Then one day your kid comes down the stairs, and you think...."wait.  where did the years go?":)  They tell me that only gets worse as your children become teenagers.  

    Anyway, Grael's parents are good friends of ours and it's been fun to watch her grow, and start "talking".  She's got the 1-2 punch of big blue eyes, and pinchable cheeks. :)  


    It's Monday morning, and still no baby!  But, thanks for taking the baby polls this weekend, and for your prayers on Saturday.  Jodi made it through the wedding just fine and did a great job!  I can't wait to show you some of the images from that wedding... the fall colors were vibrant, and Nick and Jesi had a gorgeous day.    

    I'm out... we'll keep you up to date.


    24 October 2008

    Allison + Greg :: Love

    Thanks, Allison + Greg, for a fun afternoon.  You guys have an awesome connection, and it showed up in your images.  Be blessed as you plan for your outdoor wedding next year!! It's going to be beautiful, I'm sure.  Also, you have an adorable little guy that did great in front of the camera!  Can't wait till May! 


    Well folks.... the Countdown to Baby has officially begun.  We're due on Wednesday, and are pretty excited.  However, we do have Jesi + Nick's wedding to photograph tomorrow.  Yes, we do have a back up plan, and everything will be fine either way.  Prayers would be welcome! ;)

    It's exciting to be at this point again in our lives, and we feel so blessed to have 2 great kids and ready for the third.  Jackson and Alana have already come up with some names they want us to "consider" when naming the new baby. We have no clue where they came up with these names, by the way.  If it's a girl:  Erica Stone.  If it's a boy:  Danger Turtle.  Again, we have no idea where they came up with these, but they refuse to hear other suggestions.  

    Anyway... keep us in your prayers as we're in the home stretch this week!


    22 October 2008

    Kari + Mike :: Forever

    Kari + Mike... We enjoyed working with you two, and very much appreciated your great attitudes with your little mishap early on in the day.  You guys didn't panic, and everything turned out pretty well!  It was a beautiful day, and we were so honored to share it with you and capture it all for you!  We wish you all the best God has for your marriage.... see you soon!

    We hadn't photographed much in downtown Cedar Rapids for quite a while, and certainly not since the floods early this summer.  So, we spent some time scouting before the wedding as to where we would go.  We picked a street to take us downtown, and the first thing we found was an abandoned parking lot with some busted up bus stops and these railroad cars that spent some time in the Cedar River a few months ago.  

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    20 October 2008

    Becca :: Senior Style

    If you had unlimited money to buy any one item, what would you buy? A hedgehog, and I'd name her Opal.

    Are there any Hobbies/Clubs/Activities you're involved in? The West Side Story my school newspaper, yoga at The Studio, cross country (but I'm absolutely terrible!), Student Senate, the Obama campaign.

    Two People you would love meet? My two favorite famous people are Barack Obama and singer Jenny Lewis, and I've been lucky enough to meet both of them on more than one occasion! : )

    What is the best advice you've ever been given?
    Hakuna Matata

    Something you love: Cracking my knuckles

    This annoys you
    : Road Bikers (biking slowly in the middle of the road when there is a sidewalk or bike lane available)

    Best movie you've ever seen:
    Either Simon Birch, The Truman Show or Stranger than Fiction

    One thing you'll never do (again) is: Eat meat (hopefully! I've only gone about a year and 1/2)

    If you had to leave the USA what country would you want to live in?: New Zealand

    The most important issue facing your generation is: Apathy.


    I know everyone likes a good laugh, so here's a video to make your day.... and no, it was not at one of our weddings. (I wish it was though).  There might be a bad word at the end...??