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    28 April 2008

    Spring Road Trip

    As most of you know, my family still lives in PA where I grew up, and we try to make the trek at least 2 times each year to see them.  We always end up doing some photographing here in PA while we're visiting, so we have to family sessions this week, and we had one in Ohio on the way here.  

    As we were leaving our friends in Ohio, I actually turned around and went back to capture this.  Sometimes free speech is hilarious. :) I wish I knew the story behind the sign, but most of it seems self-explanatory. The only piece of the puzzle we're missing is why.  WHY, ED??!

    Those of you who have ever traveled with small children know that every once in a while you just have to get out of the car and RUN!!!

    On our way through Wheeling WV.

    A few signs of spring around my mom and dad's house.

    Today is Jackson's 4th birthday!!! We had the party yesterday, and although we took a ton of pictures, here's a couple of him with his cake... his favorite present: his very own pack of gum.... and the most recreational gift: a bubble blower.

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    25 April 2008

    Kelsey + Mike :: Love

    You always hear people talking about how springtime is when young love is in the air, and often, that's the case with GP.  We do a lot of engagement shoots in the spring for summer weddings because a lot of people want to wait until there is some color on the trees. I can't blame them! It's also warmer outside. :) 

    Another thing we wanted to say is just how blessed we are to work with such NICE clients.  We hear stories from other photographers about difficult clients, and we just feel very fortunate to have had awesome people to work with!   

    This is an engagement shoot from last week, right before we left for our trip.  Kelsey & Mike were great, and the wedding will be wonderful this summer!


    23 April 2008

    A Proper Mullet Shot

    I know in the modern age of photography, a lot of people are sharing tips and tricks on how to nail that exposure, and "seize the moment" when the light is right to create the perfect shot, but you don't hear people talking a great deal on how to nail the perfect shot of a particular hairstyle... that of the oft-mentioned, yet rarely appreciated, mullet. In my 28 years of life, I have been able to develop a very keen sense of a mullet's presence, and can spot one at 100 yards even in fog or rain. And, I happen to have a very good friend who has successfully managed to grow one of these distinctive follicle creations. So, Jodi was at the right place at the right time, when he struck a pose for the camera the other day. So, while I'm not giving you tips on how to capture the element of the perfect mullet shot, I will show you one.  The pose was 100% in sarcastic humor in regards to senior portraits of the 1990's, so please do not regard my friend in an ill manner based solely on the image you are about to see.  Click here to view the image.  


    21 April 2008

    Kai and Malia

    We spent the night in Springfield Ohio last night with Kevin and Kristin, some great friends of ours, and got to take some pictures of their kids. They are moving overseas in a few months, and we had to spend some time with them before they take off. 



    And of course, our little Alana found her way in front of my camera. :)


    17 April 2008

    Baby Grael

    We were able to swing by Althea and Ryan's house the other night to get some photographs of little Grael.  She is a little sweetheart, and although she wasn't really into getting her photo taken, she did give us some really good ones. 

    I'm not sure if this was right before, or right after she made the couch wet. :)


    15 April 2008


    Oh boy. I'm slipping on my blogging duties recently.  The other day, we were at the park with the kids and I followed Alana around with the camera for a few minutes.  Let me just pause here and insert the fact that playgrounds have evolved quite a bit since I was a kid, and I'm not that old.  For instance, where are the metal slides upon which you can actually get up some speed? I realize that they got skin-melting, fire hot in the summertime, but that's why they had to be fast. With these fiberglass slides you almost have to crawl down.  How is that fun? I'd rather fly down a lava hot slide than crawl down a fiberglass shock tube. Sooner or later someone is going to sue the slide makers because of static electrocution to some poor toddler trying to inch his way down the spiral.  Also, where are the teeter-totters, or see-saws as we called them?  I haven't seen one in a while.  Some kid probably smashed his foot or got a splinter in his butt and instead of telling him to be careful, they yanked the whole apparatus.   Oh well.  I guess I'll have to make my own playground for the kids.

    Happy Tax Day!!.... I hope. :) 

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    11 April 2008


    Now, those of you who have children will understand this phenomena, but occasionally, your children are playing in another room when suddenly you think to yourself (or out loud to your spouse)... "I haven't heard the kids for a while, I wonder what they're up to." This is usually when one should grab the nearest camera and/or video camera because you never know what you might find.  Tonight was a mild one, compared to others, but here's what Jackson was doing with Alana's new pack of diapers:


    And of course, Alana is an innocent bystander, and had nothing to do with anything.

    This was from earlier in the day.

    This is my very first attempt at time-lapse photography. There was some lightning in the sky, so that's what I was going for, and most of the light in the sky is from distant lightning.  I thought the colors were pretty crazy, because other than the security light it was pitch black outside.


    10 April 2008

    The Office

     The Office returns tonight!!!  Finally!  

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    Rodney is not a happy camper.  The Office is "NOT on tonight" because there is a "tornado warning" in our "viewing area" and "therefore" "The Office" won't "be on" tv until "after SNL on Saturday "night".  I repeat... "not happy".


    07 April 2008

    Laura + Nick :: Love

    We had a blast on Saturday afternoon hanging out with Laura and Nick.  They were so great together that it was easy to capture all the "good stuff"... the looks, the moments where it's just the two of them, and the connection they share.  I'm not sure if those children in the restaurant window will ever be the same. :)  

    Laura and Nick... you guys were great!  Can't wait for the wedding! 


    01 April 2008

    Althea + Ryan + ? :: UPDATED

    •••• UPDATED ••••

    Here's Althea + Ryan who are anxiously expecting their little miracle at any moment now!  We enjoyed an intense game of Settlers of Catan with them the other night, which Althea won handily.  We also have a recent history of pulling pranks on one another, which involved a pink flamingo to be named later. :)  



    This beautiful little lady was born Thursday night, just a few days after the above images were taken.  We were able to visit her in the NICU and I had to grab a photo for the blog. :)  

    Congratulations Althea and Ryan! Welcome to the world, Grael!