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    30 June 2008

    Taryn+Kyle :: Love

    We met this cool couple in Iowa City for an engagement session (complimentary with every wedding package) and had a great photo shoot with them.  They were/are very photogenic as you can see, and even though Jodi had them kind of twisted up a few times, they were awesome for the camera. :)  

    Just a random shot I snagged while Jodi was rearranging them...

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    25 June 2008

    Kelsey+Mike :: Forever

    Last Saturday found us not all that far from home.  The last several weddings were at least an hour from home, so it was fun to have one closer.  We started out in Washington at the United Methodist church, which has a massive dome on the top... very beautiful on the inside.  Kelsey and Mike were great to work with, and they had a hidden crazy-ness.  We didn't see it until the reception, when they invited the best man (Mike's brother) and maid of honor (Kelsey's sister) to stand next to them as they cut the cake. Then you could see this little sparkle in Mike and Kelsey's eyes as they slowly began to feed each other the cake.... then suddenly, as quick as lightning, they whipped around and smashed the cake all over their brother and sister! :) 

    Thanks guys, for letting us be part of your big day!

    Mmmmm... chocolate covered strawberries....

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    21 June 2008

    Sara+Eric :: Love

    We don't often get the chance to photograph in, or near, boats, so when Sara and Eric told us that they spend a great deal of time on their pontoon boat... we knew we wanted to use it in the images.  Eric's family has a great little cabin on a lake, so we met them there to check it out.  Fortunately, none of their boats were damaged too badly by the flooding, but some of the boat owners on the lake were not so lucky.  Mike (Eric's dad) was our skipper, and the weather was absolutely perfect. We had a great time on the lake, and stopped off at a few places for some different backgrounds and such, so most of these pictures were taken on or from the boat.

    Even little Bella got in on the action...

    ...and was eventually joined by her friend Ace.

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    19 June 2008

    Rachel+Jeff :: Forever

    I don't know where to start blogging about this wedding.  Honestly.

    Should I start with a rant about how the airline industry hates Jodi and me?  Should I mention that we always have terrible seats on the plane, and how in the last 2 trips we've been on, we've had 4 bags lost, at least 10 hours of delays and how they don't even give you complimentary peanuts anymore!?  Should I mention that instead of being on the beach at 1pm, we only arrived at 1am the next day?  Nah... that would be whining.

    Or should I start by mentioning how beautiful the Secrets Capri resort was, and how we had a first class welcome with glasses of champagne before we even checked in, and our towels folded into two swans who were apparently getting married? (the point is, the staff knew we were with the wedding... we were impressed).  Or should I mention how we opened the balcony door to our room so we could feel the warm ocean breeze on our faces, and how there were no bugs (unlike Iowa)?  Should I mention that it rained the first 2 days, but cleared off just in time for the wedding?  Should I mention that the minister was a wise-crack, or that during the mother/son dance, one of the groomsmen tripped over the power cord and broke(?) the iPod speakers causing Jeff and his mother to finish the dance to Jeff's singing?  Or should I mention how I scored 6 goals in beach soccer and how impressive that is because I NEVER play soccer.

    Or, maybe I should start the post by saying again how blessed we are to work with amazing people. Rachel and Jeff... you guys will always have a special place in our hearts because of how sincere and genuine and in love you both are.  We normally don't get to spend this much time with our wedding clients, but you and your families were so fun and welcoming... it was awesome to be with you all. I could mention how great at karaoke Jeff and his brothers were...

    Or I could just show you some pictures...

    This pier was actually at the next resort over.  It was closed, because it looked a bit unsafe at the far end, but Jodi asked permission from the life guard.  He told us to be careful but to go ahead.  It was a bit of a process getting a bride in a white dress on/off of the grimy steps, though. :)  Click here for a behind the scenes look.

    This was on Sunday night, the last night at the resort for both of us.  Jodi and I stayed and extra 3 days after the wedding in honor of our 7th anniversary, which was last Monday.  We found Jeff and Rachel right before dinner and asked if they wanted to join us for some sunset pictures.

    This was Rachel's shot of Jodi and I... pretty good, I must say. Awesome lighting, Jeff! 

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    11 June 2008

    A little something...

    more to come.... 

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    09 June 2008

    Jackie + Tad :: Forever

    You may remember Jackie and Tad from their engagement session back in October.  Back then, they came to us from Nebraska... stayed at our house... we had a great time playing cards and what not.  This time, the wedding was in their neck of the woods, so we got to drive out to Lincoln, Nebraska.   On Friday night, Jodi and I drove around Lincoln to find a cool place to take the bridal party the next day. They told about this awesome historic section of downtown called the Haymarket. It has sweet art galleries, tons of cool restaurants, boutiques and all kinds of cool stuff, not to mention some sweet locations for pictures.

    Back to the wedding... We felt bad for Jackie and  Tad, because their wedding was supposed to be outdoors, but as of Thursday, most of their outdoor location was very much under water, due to our crazy mid-west flooding, so they moved the site indoors.  That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because it was the hottest day in a long time... they would have baked in the sun!

    Thanks Jackie and Tad for being/having so much fun on your wedding day!  You guys are truly in love... it's obvious... and we thank you for letting us be a part of your weekend.  

    The following series was taken at the Sunken Gardens...

    This is the very bench at the Gardens where Tad proposed to Jackie! How cool is that?

    Tad's father was the one who married them...

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