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    26 August 2008


    Hey everyone... Sorry I've been out of the blogging sync this week.  Here's the story:

    In 2002, Jodi and I, along with 4 other people, started a Sunday evening service, called "O2" at our church, and I became the leader of the worship band.

    After 4 years, the service ended, but the O2 band and I decided we weren't quite finished yet, and felt that God had more things in store for us.  So we continue to play camps, and churches, and youth groups several times each year in the MidWest, and it has been an awesome ride!  

    So, back to why I haven't been blogging.... this week, we finally hit the studio and recorded our first CD!  Yeah, we were pretty excited since it's been a long time coming.  Anyway, you can head on over to our MySpace page to hear a few songs before the CD officially releases in a month or two.
    I will resume the blog on Monday.... it's going to be a busy weekend! see you soon...


    25 August 2008

    Hadley :: Senior Style

    We had a wonderful time with Hadley last week, even though we got rained out of the last 30 minutes of her session.  We rescheduled so we were able to shoot with her dad's restored wooden boat and her kickin' awesome car.  She told us that on the day of our session, at least 3 people had asked her if the car is for sale. :)  **check the interview below to find the answer**  

    You have one month to travel as many places as you can. Where would you
    : I would definitely backpack across Europe.

    What Olympic sport did you watch the most? That would be swimming and, like everyone else, Michael Phelps.

    Two people you would love to meet: I would love to meet Wes Anderson and Chris Farley.

    Obama or McCain: Obama all the way.

    Something you love: Spiderman    Something you hate: Spiders

    This annoys me: My brother.

    TV shows you love to watch: Lost, the Office, Flight of the Conchords, and Scrubs

    Future Plans: Survive senior year

    Something that's overrated? High gas prices.

    If you could go back in time to your freshman year, what would you tell yourself?
    Don't take German as a foreign language!

    Is your car for sale? Hahaha, no, my car is NOT for sale! And yes, I am sure

    WOULD YOU RATHER be missing one arm, or missing one leg, and why? I would rather be missing a leg because the prosthetics look way cool.


    Just in case you missed it, we have only 10 spots available for 2009 Seniors! October 8 is our last day for seniors this year, so hurry up and get your session booked before it's too late!

    21 August 2008

    Stephanie + Derc :: Love

    Here's Stephanie and Derc who absolutely rocked the engagement session last week.  I was gone that day, so Jodi took along her "photographer-in-training" niece to help with lighting and gear.  ** did an awesome job!** 

    Anyway, this session includes some of my all-time favorite engagement images, I gotta say.  E-sessions are usually a blast because it's a fun way to get to know the couple before the wedding day, and it's great for getting a couple used to Jodi's crazy instructions: "Move half a hair" & "Look at me with your eyes" as if you could look at her with anything else. "Look at me with your knees...." 

    Stephanie and Derc were fun, and seriously good-looking... what could be better? :)


    18 August 2008

    Nura + Jibril :: Forever

    Nura and Jibril came to us for a "post-wedding" bridal shoot.  They were very much in love, and great fun to photograph!  Their wedding was in New York this summer, and they were coming to Iowa for a second reception when we had the opportunity to work for them.  

    We've been shooting a lot at the Coralville Lake recently... mainly because it's got a lot of places to shoot, not to mention a decent beach.   But it's pretty fun to find new angles to an old location as we did this time around.  

    Thanks Nura and Jibril for letting us be part of your lives!



    Hey, it's been an awesome summer so far, but I just wanted to drop in and let you know that we only have 10 spots remaining for the 2009 class.  So, check the senior website at for available dates, and get your name in before it's too late!


    We're heading out of town the next 3 days to spend some time with the family, so there won't be anyone here to answer the phone.  We'll probably still have email if you have something that we need to know before Friday.  


    Just in case you wanted to know... I'm officially an uncle (my first time without "in-law" attached to it)! My brother and his wife had a little girl a few days ago, so congrats to them!  We can't wait to meet the little lady in October!

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    15 August 2008

    Chelsea :: Senior Style


    If you had $1000 to spend in only ONE store, where would you go?: Buckle

    Favorite Sports Team(s)? U.S. Women's National Soccer Team

    If you could have dinner with any 3 people (past or present) who would they be? Abby Wambach, Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain

    What is playing on your (iPod) right now? "Sugarbaby" by Morningwood

    Obama or McCain? Obama

    This annoys you:  People with bad manners

    TV shows you love to watch: America's Best Dance Crew, Will & Grace, Friends, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Grey's Anatomy, Run's House & many more.

    Best movie you've ever seen: Million Dollar Baby

    Your future plans (college, missions trips, career, etc....): University of Iowa or Iowa Wesleyan

    One thing you would tell yourself if you could go back in time to your freshman year: Be yourself.

    If you could be on a Reality TV show what show would it be? Survivor

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    14 August 2008

    The Moore's :: Lifestyle

    Here's a few pictures of the Moore's from earlier this week.  


    Is anyone else staying up till "way too late" a.m. watching the sports they don't care about during the Olympics?  I for one didn't even know the USA had a Water Polo team, or that anyone took Badminton seriously, and if your buddy wore one of those gymnastics outfits at any other point in time, he'd never live that down.   But there I sit glued to the TV at 1:30a.m. watching some dude swing his legs around the pummel horse like it's not even there, and watching Water Polo trying to figure out where the ball is. Oh well... Way to go USA basketball, finally beating Greece after being embarrassed 2 yrs ago!  Hopefully the Redeem Team can pull off the gold this time around.


    One of my favorite journalists is in China for the Olympics, and if you like a chuckle, check out Dave Barry's column. 

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    11 August 2008

    Sasha :: Senior Style

    If you had $1000 to spend in only ONE store, where would you go?: Nordstrom

    Where would you go on your dream vacation?

    Favorite Restaurant: Kajis

    What is the best advice you've ever been given? Don't worry, be happy!

    Obama or McCain? OBAMA!

    Something you love: peanut butter choc. chip cookies

    Something you hate: bugs

    TV shows you love to watch: Grey's Anatomy

    Best movie you've ever seen: Forrest Gump

    Your future plans (college, missions trips, career, etc....): U of Iowa...&

    One thing I cannot live without is: My friends...and Charlie (my puppy)

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    06 August 2008

    Shannon + Ryan :: Forever

    Shannon and Ryan had a great "small-town" wedding last Saturday!  It was in Shueyville, Iowa, and that is indeed a small town just a few miles from Lake McBride.  We started with family formals, after Shannon and Ryan's first glances, and then it was on to the ceremony.

    Brian, from Stad's Limousine Service, took us to the shores of Lake McBride for some beach photos.  Future brides:  if you would love to have these kinds of shots at your wedding, but are concerned about your dress... have no fear.  We take great care to make sure that the dress is not harmed in any way, and sometimes that requires her brothers to carry the bride over the sand! 

    After the lake, we made our way to South Slope Community Center in North Liberty for the reception.  

    Van Veen Chocolates, from Pella, was responsible for manning the amazing chocolate fountain and goodies at the reception.  Very delicious, Chuck and Jill! 

    Thank you Ryan and Shannon for being awesome to work with!  Enjoy Hawaii for us! :)  See you soon...

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