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    31 August 2007

    Seniors: Jolene

    As I'm posting seniors this year, I'm letting them tell you a bit about themselves, instead of me telling you about them.


    My friends call me: Jo

    My Future: Fashion Merchandising

    The best advice I've ever been given: Live and let live.

    Three words that describe me: Optimistic, outspoken, friendly

    Something I love: Thunderstorms

    Something I hate: Needles/Shots

    The worst possible job would be: Picking up roadkill

    My all time favorite meal would include: Barbeque chicken pizza from The Airliner

    iPhone or Blackberry?: iPhone

    What's playing on my (iPod)?: Guster, Cartel and Hairspray :)


    30 August 2007

    Seniors: Cate

    When I post seniors this year... instead of me telling you about them, I'll let them tell you a bit about themselves!


    My Future: Business

    My Dream Vacation: Australia or Italy

    My Favorite TV shows: Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Friends

    Three words that describe me:: Fun, Friendly, Competitive

    Mac or Windows?: Mac

    My Prediction (not necessarily my choice) for the next President of the US: Barack Obama

    Something I love: My Friends

    Something I hate: Possums

    The worst possible job would be: Picking dead animals off the road

    What I ate for breakfast: Frosted Flakes


    29 August 2007

    Rajan and Rashmi

    Rajan and Rashmi were a great deal of fun to work with on their wedding day! There was a lot of activity, and we even snagged our friend, Linda Drish of Drish Photography, to help us capture it all. We always enjoy cultural experiences, and this was no exception. Congratulations, Raj and Rashmi.... may your lives be filled with grace and blessings. Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives!


    28 August 2007

    Seniors: Emily

    Just a reminder if you haven't been to the website for a while, that October 25 is the last date to get into GP for senior pictures. So, if you've got a friend who hasn't scheduled their session yet, tell them to get it in gear, and call us! You have two months!

    As I'm posting seniors' previews this year, I'm adding a feature called "A Bit About Me". Instead of me telling you about a senior, I let them tell you about themselves!


    My Name: Emily

    My Future: Civil Engineering

    My Dream Vacation: Italy

    Fav TV Shows: Friends, Grey's Anatomy, One Tree Hill

    Would You Rather... a) be able to fly or b) read other people's thoughts?: B!

    The Worst Possible Job Would Be: Fast Food Restaurant

    I would love to meet..: Jennifer Aniston

    The Best Advice I've Ever Been Given is Always love. Hate will get you every time

    We managed to acquire an old piano from some friends of ours from church, and we hauled it into a flower bed in our backyard for Emily's pictures. Of course, its still there because moving it isn't easy. It made for some awesome pictures though, and I'm sure it will get used again!


    24 August 2007

    Seniors: Jaci / Kassey

    Meet Jaci

    Meet Kassey


    23 August 2007

    Seniors: Erin

    As I'm posting seniors' previews this year, I'm adding a feature called "A Bit About Me". Instead of me, telling you about a senior, I let them tell you about themselves!


    My Name: Erin

    My Future: Dentist School

    If I were stranded on a deserted island, I would want these three things: Someone to keep me company, Water, and Pancheros.

    Fav TV Shows: Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway =)

    Something I love: Family and Friends

    Something I hate: The word "moist"

    This annoys me: People who screech their forks on their plates!

    Would You Rather:
    a.) hop on one leg for the rest of your life or b.) not be able to read?
    Hop on one leg... I might be weird, but at least I'm smart.

    I Would Love to Meet...: Justin Timberlake!


    22 August 2007

    Seniors: Emily

    As I'm posting seniors' previews on the blog this year, I'm adding a little feature called "A Bit About Me". Basically, instead of me telling you about a senior who "was so much fun to work with".....They ALL are fun to work with!!!.....I'll just let them tell you about themselves.


    My Name: Emily

    My Future: Elementary Education

    Favorite TV Show: Friends

    My Dream Vacation: Italy

    Three Words that Describe Me: Easy going, Happy, Corky

    Something I love: Popcorn and Laughing

    Something I hate: Millipedes

    What's Playing on My iPod: Damien Rice, Linkin Park

    iPhone or Blackberry?: iPhone


    First of all, how many of us read tons of blogs each day? Yes, Rodney, I see that hand. Did you ever wonder if there is an easier way to check all of your favorite blogs (including, but not limited to this blog)? Well, good news! There is! Okay, so maybe it's old hat, but it's new for me. Check out


    Here, you enter the URL of all of your favorite blogs and all you do is check ONE website instead of 10, or however many blogs you read. Go ahead, try it. It sorts all of your blogs based on most recent posts...I'm liking it alot.

    Secondly, for those of you who frequent the popular social community known as Facebook, I've set up a group called "Gehman Photography" (oddly enough) and here's a place where you can see what people are saying about GP. You can add input, like "I wish that Rodney would come along on more shoots, because he's a great photographer too" or "It's so cool that you have FREE POP AND WATER for all of your clients, now". :) Anyway, you can check it out. Here's the link: GP Facebook


    21 August 2007

    Neil and Anna

    Neil and Anna had the sweetest little wedding chapel to get married in! There was no A/C in this little church, but everyone was pretty good about the heat. What a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple! Congratulations guys!

    Rodney's Fun Facts


    *The bride stands to the groom's left during a Christian ceremony, because in bygone days the groom needed his right hand free to fight off other suitors.

    *Peas are thrown at Czech newlyweds instead of rice.

    *Queen Victoria started the Western world's white wedding dress trend in 1840 -- before then, brides simply wore their best dress.

    *The number of marriages in the U.S. has averaged 2.25 - 2.4 million every year for the past 20 years. (averages to over 6,300 per day)

    *In Pennsylvania, Ministers are forbidden from performing marriages when either the bride or groom is drunk.

    *In the United States, an average of 189 guests attend each wedding.

    *August is the top month for weddings, with an average of 10.2% of weddings. June comes in a close second with 9.9%.