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    31 July 2007

    Willie and Rose

    Hello! We were so honored to capture Willie and Rose's wedding 2 weekends ago. Mainly because Willie was one of Jodi's high school classmates. They had a beautiful day, and a great ceremony. It was really neat to catch Willie just staring at Rose from time to time! He adores her, and it was evident in the way he respects her, and the way he treated her. Willie and Rose: Thanks for the privelage, and God bless your lives!


    26 July 2007

    Kirk and Lea/Greg and Monica

    Hello fine people!

    We are in humid Pennsylvania for my brother's wedding, and are having a great time so far. I always love to come back home and just spend some time with my family. Jodi and I have always had the commitment that family is our priority, and it's been wonderful!

    Here are Kirk and Lea, a great couple with great attitudes, despite the sweltering heat of the day. It was beautiful outdoor ceremony, and did I mention it was hot? Congratulations Kirk and Lea!

    Here's my brother Greg and his soon-to-be-wife Monica. We went to this old train station and shot a whole series about them getting ready to leave for the honeymoon, as if they were taking the train. Monica was so awesome because she got all decked out in her wedding gown, and we shot a pre-wedding session with the two of them. That is going to be something we may try to push a little more, just because they were very relaxed, it was not pushed for time like on the wedding day, and it was just the two of them.


    21 July 2007

    Stay Tuned....

    I just want you to know that some sweet photos are coming to this blog. Jodi and I are in PA this week for the celebration of my brother's wedding! Today we took him and his bride-to-be for a pre-wedding session where we were able to experiment with some new things and they get some sweet images. We went to a beautful garden for the bridal shots, then they dressed down and we did a shoot at this awesome old train station. I can't wait to show them off!! But it's too late right now, and I'm tired. :)

    Also, up and coming on the blog... Kirk and Lea, and Willie and Rose. Keep checking in!!

    Just for fun....

    Pick up lines! Some of the best (and worst).

    1. Can I take your picture? (Why?) Because I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas.

    2. Excuse me, do you have any raisins? How about a date?

    3. You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.

    4. You're ugly but you intrigue me.

    5. Your name must be Mickey because you're so fine

    6. Hi. You'll do.

    Here's something interesting for those of you who like baseball. It's a little game that tests your reaction time to see if you could hit a 90 mph fastball. It's tough! Here's the link.


    19 July 2007

    Tanner and Katie

    Yes, we do photograph families. We don't really advertise for it, but occasionally we get the honor. The Adams were a fun family to work with... very open to suggestions, such as sitting on a pile of broken cement blocks! :)

    Here's Tanner and Katie, another eSession. It's really cool to see their commitment to each other, and they were fun to work with! Congratulations!

    Side Note
    I am experimenting with some new looks as you can tell. The beat up, "70's denim" type look is something I finally figured out, and I'm loving it! I select about 5-10 pictures from a session and give them this treatment. Time for a quick poll. Leave me a comment letting me know what you think about the vintage look! Thanks

    I was reading another photographer the other day, and here's what he said:

    "the photography is a vehicle for expressing the connection, but it definitely isn't the source of the connection. if there is power, grace, beauty, truth in these images, it comes from the amazing people i work with."

    We've found that to be so true in our work as well, where it's not Jodi or I who creates great's you the clients, and your relationships and the way you express them that makes a picture great, or just another snapshot. The greatest pleasure we get in our business is when we capture a moment or expression that speaks of the connection that two people have, whether it be a bride and groom, child and parent, or a couple in love. We're capturing "life" as it happens.

    Thanks for allowing us the opportunity, and trusting us to make it happen!

    It's always fun when we get to photograph some of our best friends Jared and Mandi, and they recently welcomed little Sophie into the world! Here's the announcment:



    And we mentioned AJ and Jewel a few posts ago, well here's something that we do quite a bit of.... wedding announcements, and "save the date" cards. They are great fun, because we design them with your favorite pictures from the Engagement session, and use your wedding colors to make it flow great with your big day!



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    15 July 2007

    Neil and Anna

    These high school sweethearts have some AMAZING pictures!! Congratulations Neil and Anna, and we'll see you soon for the big day!!


    . I've updated some of the Engagement Gallery on the website, adding alot of the pictures that you've been seeing on the blog.

    Getting Bit Up This Summer?
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    Unfortunately Placed Advertising
    This kind of thing cracks me up.


    14 July 2007

    Charissa and Ray

    Today's wedding was a gorgeous one! Charissa and Ray were a lot of fun to work with, and I don't think we could take a bad picture of them they looked so great!! Congratulations to you guys as you start this exciting chapter in life!

    We love photographing weddings! It's so awesome to see two people in love enjoying each other, and it makes our vocation the best anyone could have! And we paid to have fun... can you beat that?

    I came across this little pollster thingy on and figured we'd give it a run. I'll probably use it a bit more, depending on your participation. :)


    Fighting a Slow Internet Connection?Try this one....

    A 75 year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been thrust into the IT history books - with the world's fastest internet connection. Sigbritt Löthberg's home has been supplied with a blistering 40 Gigabits per second connection, many thousands of times faster than the average residential link and the first time ever that a home user has experienced such a high speed.

    Waitress Gets Dream Tip

    Waitress Jessica Osborne is getting more than a good tip. She's getting $10,000 for her college education. The 20-year-old waits tables at a Pizza Hut in northeast Indiana. The money is from a mother and her two sons who are regular customers, but don't want to be named. Osborne says she'd told the family how she had started college twice before, but had to quit because she didn't have the money. Osborne says the $10,000 gift made her cry so hard, she couldn't breathe. And she's having trouble getting people to believe her.


    11 July 2007

    AJ & Jewel

    Jewel grew up near us, so it was fun to photograph a family friend again. She and AJ have carried on a long distance relationship for some time now, so we did a little photo series with their cellphones... it seemed appropriate. :) We're looking forward to the wedding this fall!! Happy planning, guys!

    Rodney's Randomness

    I have been a long-time fan of "The Simpsons" and yesterday they announced the official home of the dysfunctional family. Tiny Springfield, Vt., beat out 13 other like-named cities Tuesday for the right to host the premiere of "The Simpsons Movie," winning an online poll it wasn't even invited to participate in. The movie premieres July 27.

    AL Wins Again....

    In baseball's MidSummer Classic, Ichiro Suzuki sped around the bases as the ball bounced away from Ken Griffey Jr. for the first inside-the-park home run in All-Star game history. On a night of tricky hops, Suzuki and the American League rebounded to 5-4 win.

    Gas Consumption in US
    I found this a fascinating graphic. In my travels last week, I saw loads of massive RV's pulling cars. The gas prices certainly haven't affected the way we do life in the US. We all like to complain about it, but in the end it doesn't change much, which is why the prices will never come down.


    09 July 2007

    Derek and Tiffany

    I'm not sure if it's possible to have a nicer day than Derek and Tiffany did. It was so cool to see how smitten Derek was by his bride! Couples in love are so much fun to photograph. :) And, let me tell you... they also served a mean pork roll at the reception! Amazing!! Congratulations, Derek and Tiffany....

    I'm back! I doubt any of you missed me that much, but nevertheless... here we are. I spent the week with my church youth group in Denver Colorado working with the homeless through a missions agency called DOOR. You can visit the website here. It was an amazing, eye-opening time of outreach and reflection, where we spent time feeding, talking to or helping the homeless. You don't realize how much you have until you come in contact with someone who carries all their belongings in a dufflebag. Then you find out that you are among the richest people in the world. I'll tell you about one man I met named Curt. He has been homeless for 29 years. He has a job, he has a sound mind, and he doesn't use drugs, so he breaks every stereotype I've ever had. His faith and his smile lit up my world for the 2 hours that I had talking to him. He said his biggest struggle is finding a safe place to sleep at night. I am forever changed... Thank you Curt.

    Some pictures the kids took:

    Introducing my new favorite band. They are comedians/musicians from New Zealand.
    The Flight of the Conchords

    I'm Not Cryin'