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    28 May 2008

    Rylee :: Children

    This little girl was very fun to photograph!  She wasn't afraid of the camera and has gorgeous big eyes, just like her mommy and daddy. :)  

    Now you see where Rylee gets those eyes...

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    27 May 2008


    Monday night found us taking our kids to the Iowa City Park for a reckless fun time with Stephen and Samantha Bender's kids.  Jackson and Grant seem to always have so much fun together running wild, and we always have fun trying to keep up. :)  Unfortunately, the little train wasn't running yet, so we had to settle for the carousel and other rides.  Then, later on, we found them peeing on a tree in the middle of the park.  Stephen and I were proud fathers at that point, and I think I even caught a "That's my boy!"  

    They are "patiently" waiting for ice cream at Dairy Queen.  Out of the two windows that were open, I apparently picked the slow line because that's what it was.

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    26 May 2008

    Memorial Day

    Across the street from our church is a cemetary, and today I stopped by to take some pictures.  There's something cool about seeing all the flags, and I had a moment with Jackson, our 4 year old, to explain to him what the flags were all about.  They fly to remind us of the people who died so that we can go to church, and speak our mind, and so many other things.  They fly to remind us that, although we live in a great country, freedom does not come cheap.  It comes at a great cost.  

    To all of you who have fought for our country..... Thank you.


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    25 May 2008

    Jesi+Nick :: Love

    Jesi and Nick were another wonderful couple in the long line of great people we've had the pleasure of meeting and photographing.  Like I said before... we have awesome clients! :)


    22 May 2008

    Shannon+Ryan :: Love

    First of all, many thanks for all the kind words, comments and emails of congratulations regarding my last post. :)  We appreciate all of you!!


    Shannon and Ryan's wedding is coming up in August, and Jodi met with them the other day for the engagement session in Iowa City.  The first image is one of my favorites from e-sessions this year...



    20 May 2008

    The Big News!

    A day in the life of Rodney and Jodi Gehman:

    First of all, when the weather gets really nice, we take Mondays off and use it as most of you use your Saturdays.... yard work, cleaning cars, gardening, going for bike rides.. those sorts of things.  So yesterday, Jackson and I finished the mulching around our house, and watched (almost literally) the stuff growing in the garden.  It's amazing how fast a plant grows with some gentle rain followed by sunshine. :)  

    Our little green beans are pushing through looking for daylight....

    Secondly, we did end up going for that bike ride in Kalona last night, but it came to an abrupt end when it started raining.  The problem was that Jackson was the only one actually riding a bike, the rest of us were running from tree to tree for cover.  I'm sure it looked funny. 


    So, anyway, here is the moment you'll all been waiting for... the big announcement from the Gehman Photography camp!  We are really excited about it, and can't wait, because almost everyone who's ever been there has to agree that it's an amazing experience.  I mean, when you think about it... yeah, it's pretty awesome! Some of you are already aware of this, but for the rest of you this should be exciting... click here for the biggest news from GP in over 2 years.... 


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    16 May 2008

    Hallie :: Kids

    We've had the awesome privilege of photographing Hallie, and her family, since she was small, so it's cool to see her blossoming into a very pretty little girl.  She is quite the little poser and is no stranger to the camera anymore. :)  

    Not sure what's going on here.... :)


    14 May 2008

    Brandsema Family

    While we were in Lancaster PA a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of meeting and photographing the Brandsema family.  They have 3 wonderful children, and they obviously have a great deal of fun together, which was evident during the "tag" and "tackle your daddy" parts of the session.  Thanks guys for letting us capture your personalities and your family for a little while!  


    12 May 2008

    Megan+Pat :: Love

    Here we are at yet another Monday.  Time disappears like it's stolen, nowadays.  It's like, "wait, I just had an hour, right here, and now it's gone!"  Then, an hour turns into a day, which turns into a week/month.... hopefully we all stop and take the time for the things that matter most before we say "hey, I had a life here... I put it right there, and now it's gone".  **This, my dear friends, is why photographs are so important... so as to capture these fleeting moments before one forgets things that dare not be forgotten.**

    Anyway, there is quite a bit to post this week, and I'm getting out of order a bit.  We'll try to get it all in before another Monday rolls around.

    I love engagement sessions.  No rules, no time limit, no guests waiting... there's only "awesome", and lots of it! 

    This is so cool:  Megan and Pat met in the Space Shuttle during one of NASA's missions to fix the International Space Station.... I'm just kidding, but that would make a great story, wouldn't it? :)  Actually, Pat was Megan's Jr High crush!  Finally, Pat saw the light when they were in college, and here they are....rainy weather and all!


    08 May 2008

    The Myers Family

    The Myers were one of the families that we had the privilege of meeting and photographing while we were in Pennsylvania.  They have 5 wonderful children, a beautiful home, and a sweet dog!  

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