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    28 June 2009

    The Sommers Family

    This is another session we did while we were on vacation in PA last week. We've been good friends with Linden and Kristi since we attended the same college (that seems like only yesterday, but was 11 years ago already... yikes). Anyway, Kristi started her own photography business and like our new friends in the last post, they wanted to update their own family pictures. We love their 3 little guys and how they have a blast playing with Jackson whenever we get together.


    I know I'm probably losing followers if I don't update every day, but it's going to be a slow week on the blog again. I'm in a band, and this week we're traveling to Columbus Ohio to play for a youth convention. So, that means this is probably the last post for this week, unless I can manage an internet connection somewhere and post some pics at the convention. Otherwise, have a great week, and I'll see you next Monday!

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    25 June 2009

    The Sun and the Sand :: Newswanger Family

    As I have stated in a previous post, we are fans of trading services. Jodi and Char starting emailing a few months ago, to see if Char would be able to come to Ocean City, Maryland, where we were on vacation the past 2 weeks, and create some portraits for my family. In turn, we would photograph her family as well.

    And that's what happened. True story.

    So here's Andrew and Char, and their wonderful little guys.

    Drop by Char's Authentic You Photography website and say hi!


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    20 June 2009

    Quit Settling.

    "Along the way, we settle.

    We settle for something not quite right, or an outfit that isn't our best look, or a job that doesn't quite maximize our talents. We settle for relationships that don't give us joy, or a website that's, "good enough."

    The only way to get mediocre is one step at a time.

    You don't have to settle. It's a choice you get to make every day."

    -Seth Godin


    I took the above image on our first day of vacation in Southern Delaware as the fog rolled in for the evening.

    15 June 2009

    Nikki + Tyler

    We had a great time with Nikki + Tyler's wedding. They were both so kind and sweet, and we very much appreciated working for them. Right after we started taking pictures, we noticed the couple had brought the hugest John Deere tractor known to mankind.. well, it was big... and so we did a few scenes with it.

    Congratulations, you guys! We wish you all the best!

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    11 June 2009

    Amber + Jonathan :: Forever

    It's true that I love outdoor weddings. I can't help it. Jodi and I had an outdoor wedding, and maybe I like them because it brings back memories of our wedding, I don't know.

    We first started to get to know Amber when she would house-sit for us when we would go on trips and vacations. So we actually got to know each other thru notes left on our table. Amber always had something cool waiting for us when we arrived back home... either a very encouraging note, a hand crafted card, a small gift, or one time she gave us a cool little painting. That painting actually still hangs in our office to this day. She's also had a great eye for photography for a long time... even helped Jodi with a wedding several years ago.

    And now, she's found a solid, good-looking man in Jonathan. They are a cute couple, as you can see, but the beauty runs very deep with these two. They love the Lord with all their hearts and it's cool to see how that translates into their love for each other.

    We were only commissioned for a half day for this wedding, but were blessed to have Katherine Bowman join us as a second/third shooter. It was fun to get to know her better throughout the day, and she got some great shots! Thanks, Katherine!

    The wedding was actually in Jodi's aunt and uncle's backyard, and the reception was at Amber's parents old barn which they must have done TONS of work to. It was gorgeous for the wedding!

    Here's one of Katherine's shots.


    Well, hopefully by the time you're reading this, we will have left for vacation. I'll throw a post on the blog for Monday, but that's it for bloggin next week. Since I've been posting every day for the last two weeks, it's time for a break.

    So, look for Nikki and Tyler's wedding post on Monday, but after that, it's Adios until the following Monday. Have yourselves a great weekend, and we'll see you on Monday!

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    10 June 2009

    Jill + Josh :: Forever

    Here's Jill + Josh, a wonderful couple from our hometown. They have the coolest story of how they met, and it's easy to see that they very much enjoy each other's company. They had some cute kids in the wedding party, one of whom was carrying around a camera taking pictures of everything that moved, and a lot of things that didn't. :) Kids are great.

    At Jill + Josh's reception, instead of a dance, people got up and performed skits! They were all pretty funny, and very entertaining.

    Jill + Josh, thanks for allowing us to be part of your special day! We wish you guys all the best, and we'll see you around!

    Flowers by: Empire House

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