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    30 June 2007

    Patrick and Erika

    Patrick and Erika were great! They had a scorcher for a day, but they are an awesome couple! We learned a few things while working with them. 1. When you tell the groomsmen to "dog-pile" the groom, they may take you seriously. 2. When you have the groom pick up his bride, and his pants split... it's okay. :) 3. If it rains on the wedding day.... it's still okay! 4. The bride's flowers are really two peices (stems and flowers) made to look like one.
    We wish the two of you a most romantic life together, and all the blessings God can give you!!

    I'm out of here.... talk to you again next next Monday. It's up to Jodi to update this week, so send her emails of cheer and encouragement.

    Have a happy 4th of July and be thankful for those who gave, and are giving, their lives for our freedom.


    28 June 2007

    Mike and Laura

    We had a great time at Mike and Laura's wedding, despite the soggy start to the day. Fortunately, it quit raining during the ceremony, and we were able to stop by a park on the way to the reception to grab some outdoor shots. I'm pretty sure they had the world's longest limo. Congratulations Mike and Laura, we wish you all the best!!

    Sometimes you just gotta go...

    This picture is the latest addition to the homepage slideshow on the website, and I totally dig it. It is one of my favorites from Justin and Sahar's wedding.

    Rodney's News

    .Next week, there won't be any updates on the blog because I'm heading to Colorado with 15 kids from our youth group at church. Our group will be helping out with a mission in Denver and doing some service projects in the city. Jodi and the kids are staying home this time. So, if you're a blog stalker (like me) I'm just giving you a heads up. :)

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    25 June 2007

    TJ and Emily

    Here's a few shots from a recent engagement session. Emily was one of our seniors a few years ago, and has returned to allow us the honor of capturing her wedding as well!! Congratulations, and best wishes to you guys! If you're new around here, the engagement session is complimentary with each of our wedding packages. It's our way of saying "Congrats"!!


    Here's another "What's Wrong With This Picture" for you. I laughed out loud at this one.


    22 June 2007


    Sorry, you only get one picture today. :)

    My Grandparents stopped in to visit this weekend, and we've been having a wonderful time with them. I'll get some pictures up here as soon as we get a chance. Here's the fun stuff.....

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    What's wrong with this picture? Click on the pic to enlarge it.

    21 June 2007

    Rajan and Rashmi

    .This morning I woke up at 5:00, and if you know me at all, that is unusual. So, I decided to be ambitious, and I went golfing. Thats right. I was able to get 9 holes in before the clubhouse opened. I should have taken a camera to capture the sunrise. Amazing.

    .Random Shirts

    If you like random, you'll like the t-shirts these guys create at Random Shirts They've got shirts for guys and girls, I just happened to pick all guys.

    .I just came across this today and had to throw it on here. Not that it's true, or anything! :)


    18 June 2007

    Contest Winners and more...

    Winner!! Winner, again!!

    So, which was it? Does nobody else like Texas Roadhouse?? Or is it too hard to email me a picture? Kidding, kidding. Apparently it was one or the other because we had a grand total of two, count 'em, TWO entries for the Dad's day photo contest. :) Ah well. So intead of the whole "eeny meeny miny mo" thing, we've decided to just give them both gift certificates. We have the easiest contests to win, I'm telling you.

    Congratulations to Sara, Nikki and Leon for their entry (previous post), and to Tim, Reese, and Lynn.(below) $35 to each of you!!! Thanks for playing along.

    We had some great times this past weekend at two weddings. Friday was Justin and Sahar's wedding, and what a beautiful couple!! They had a wonderful day, and were very much fun to work with. As for the groomsmen, I'd never seen a "mid-air" chest bump before at a wedding, so this was a first. It resulted in a man down, but everyone was okay! :)

    I'll post a few images from the Saturday wedding in the next couple of days.

    13 June 2007


    Justin and Sahar met in this exact Chemistry Lab, and we were fortunate enough to get inside for this sweet little story shoot for their engagement session. Congratulations guys, see you soon!!

    Father of the Day

    We're running a contest right now, and we're looking for pictures of you and a dad. He doesn't have to be your dad, it can be a grandpa, a dad, a son, someone else's dad, the neighbor man, the President, a professor, your long as he's a dad and you are in the picture with him. Father's day is coming up on Sunday, and your entries need to be in by Sunday midnite. The winner gets $35 to Texas Roadhouse. Send photos to

    Nikki, Sara and their dad Leon. Happy Father's Day, Leon!!


    11 June 2007

    Little Ones

    On May 11, the world was introduced to a strapping young lad who was given the name Gage Preston. Welcome to the world little guy!!

    This is proud older brother Reese

    Another handsome youngster....Cobi and his big sister.

    Father's Day Contest

    Submit a photo of you and a dad. Doesn't have to be your dad. Email photos to before midnite on Sunday. Winner receives $35 to Texas Roadhouse.



    Well, I just had a few more pictures I wanted to put up here for your enjoyment.

    .Rodney's Corner

    Jodi and I have been photographing in Iowa City now for a few years, and there is one little place we almost always go to eat after a photo shoot in the city. Baldy's has hamburgers, chicken sandwiches and a variety of those, but everything comes in a wrap, with chips and a cookie. If you're ever in Iowa City, they are across from the old capitol building.


    Don't forget, we're in the middle of a contest! Email me with a picture of you and a dad. Doesn't have to be your dad. The winning photo gets $35 to Texas Roadhouse. Entries must be in by Sunday midnight.