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    24 February 2007


    Oh yeah, finally here are the winners of our Valentine contest:

    David and Christina

    Ryan and Althea

    .you have got to check this out: It's a site where photographers send in images of brides who were willing to commit to some awesome pictures at the expense of their dress. Some really cool pictures on here.

    .Snowed in!!
    We had some out of town guests snowed in at our home this weekend, due to massive ice storms and windy conditions. They have had 3 different flights cancelled and they're hoping to be able to get out tomorrow.

    .Photoshop Class
    It went really well! We may have to make it an annual thing, if it keeps up like it is.

    .Movie Reviews:
    NACHO LIBRE - disappointing
    RED EYE - Decent Thriller
    CLICK - disappointing
    16 BLOCKS - Pretty Good Action

    .New contest announced soon!

    20 February 2007

    Photoshop Classes

    This week, we've been hosting Photoshop CS2 class here at the office. We have two studios from out of state who are taking the class, learning everything from basic retouching to creating wedding albums and designs.

    So if you've been calling or emailing, we apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but the house is full and we are in class all day.

    And sorry this is a short post. More to come, I promise.......

    Stay posted for that new contest.

    13 February 2007

    James and Laura

    .Here's the latest! Hot off the PS3 presses! Yeah, I've been testing out the new Photoshop CS3 and it's pretty decent so far. This is a few pictures from an engagement session that was pretty laid back. They ended up tackling each other in the snow, and it was about 10 degrees outside!! That's what you call total commitment to a good photograph!

    .Sorry, no fun facts for today. I need sleep first.


    08 February 2007

    New Contest Coming Soon!

    .The contest results are in, and be on the lookout for the winning pictures, hopefully tomorrow sometime. Thanks for playing!!

    .New contest begins March 1.

    .Here's a picture of our little girl Alana.

    She turns one year old in about two weeks, and that's hard to believe!! Kids grow so fast that you have to cherish them while you can. The other important thing is that you capture memories of them while they are little. Take them to the studio for some pictures!!

    .Top Ten Most Inexpensive New Cars of 2007:

    1. Chevrolet Aveo, $9,995

    2. Hyundai Accent, $10,995

    3. Kia Rio, $11,350

    4. Toyota Yaris, $11,770

    5. Saturn Ion, $12,890

    6. Nissan Versa, $13,165

    7. Kia Spectra , $13,495

    8. Chevrolet Cobalt, $13,740

    9. Hyundai Elantra, $13,995

    10. Suzuki Reno, $14,079

    07 February 2007

    Brianna, Aravis and Dinner in the Sky

    . Our valentines day contest is only a few days away from it's conclusion, so get your entries in right away!! Send a photo of you and your sweetheart to, and you could win a "sweet" prize!!

    .You guys have to check this out!!


    A unique event meant for anyone who wishes to transform an ordinary meal or meeting into a magical moment that will leave a lasting impression on their guests! Dinner in the Sky takes place at a table suspended at a height of 50 metres by a team of professionals. Benji Fun, our partner in this event, is the worldwide leader for this type of activities. Dinner in the Sky is available for a session of 8 hours. It can be divided or personalised accorded to the client’s wishes. Dinner in the Sky seats 22 people around the table at every session and three in the middle (chef, waiter, entertainer…). Just to give you an example: This means that, at a rate of 3 sessions per hour, more than 500 people could have access to this exceptional platform, or only 22 if you want an exclusive VIP event.

    So there you have it folks. You thought you'd heard of everything.

    . A sample of the most recent wedding invitation. We didn't take the photo, the couple sent it to us to design the invitation.

    .Aravis Joy



    05 February 2007


    .We have a contest going on at GP! Email a photo of you and your sweetheart/valentine/special someone to us by February 9 and win a "sweet" prize!! Entries can be emailed to Be creative!!

    .Jodi and I just returned from the Iowa Photographers Winter Seminar where we entered a few prints and albums for competition. Here they are!


    PEEKABOO (Honorable Mention)

    COURTNEY (2nd Place Outdoor Woman)


    DADDY'S GUITAR (1st Place Indoor Child / Distinguished Image Award)

    The pictures Peekaboo, Alana Grace and Daddy's Guitar were actually taken by me!! And I'm not the photographer!! Beginner's luck, you might say, but we learned alot, as always, and will try again in a few weeks at Regionals, hopefully.

    We also did pretty well in the wedding album category, with our two entries. Both of them got 2nd place. Here's the link to one of them:

    Ryan and Elisa

    .I don't know if I mentioned it yet, but GP is headed to Africa!!!!!!! We are so excited to be going to Ghana, West Africa for 10 days in March to help with Living Hope International, a relief organization. We were invited to go along and document the trip for the group of workers who will be spending several days there with us.

    .The Colts finally got the monkey off their backs by winning Super Bowl XLI!! Way to go Peyton, and Tony Dungy. Congratulations!

    01 February 2007

    Happy February!!

    .Does anybody else think that time is just flying!!?? Just yesterday, it was Christmas and now it's February already.

    .There is a contest in the works. Send a photo of you and your valentine, loved one or a special someone to, and you could win a "sweet" prize!!! Two winners will be chosen Feb 9. The most creative pictures have a better chance of winning!

    .Here's some pictures of my band The Otwo Band

    .A recently posted wedding: Thad and Katelyn! Congratulations, guys!! Go to Thad & Katelyn's Pictures